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5 Books I’m Glad My Daughter Read This Summer

This post: A great chapter book series for preteen + teen girls.

So my girl is always reading.  

And, no, I’m not exaggerating when I say “always.” If ever a child had her nose in a book, this is that child!

Amy generally reads 5o or 60 (or 100) books over the course of a summer (see, I wasn’t exaggerating!).

5 Books I'm Glad My Daughter Read This Summer
She’s 18 now + still a bookworm. xo

I’ve compiled a few books lists, highlighting our favorite books to read as a family (you can take a peek at those here).

Today, I want to share about FIVE special books Amy read this summer.  

I might venture to say that these are her five favorites. Why did she love these books so much?  And why am I so glad she read them? 

Well, here we go…

These books involve stories with horses.

Amy loves horses.  At least as much as she loves reading, maybe more.

So, yes, I’m very happy when she gets to mix her two loves (horses and reading) into one package!

These books were written by a Christian author.

Amy is very careful about what she reads, but I still try to either check out reviews, get a personal recommendation, or proof read books before I hand them over to my eleven-year old daughter.

While it’s true that all Christian authors aren’t necessarily read-worthy, it is a good place to start!

These books portray healthy role models for girls.

I love books that show real life ideals in action. As a mom, I’m not looking for media that upholds a “perfect” standard, because that’s not real. But I do look for healthy role models for my girls. These books provide that.

So what are these 5 books? you ask, And where can I get them?

I know you’re wondering what books I’m talking about, right?

Well, here you go-


Home at Last



Set Free 

These are the five books in the Triple Creek Ranch series, by Rebekah A. Morris.  

Amy read this entire series in just a few days… the books are that good!

5 Books I'm Glad My Daughter Read This Summer
Triple Creek Ranch series, by Rebekah A. Morris

You can buy the Triple Creek Ranch books on Amazon (both paperback + Kindle versions are available). 

You can also find more details about Triple Creek Ranch, and other books by Rebekah A. Morris, at the author’s website- ReadAnotherPage.com.

Check out her website for reading challenges, guides, and weekly blog updates.

5 Books I'm Glad My Daughter Read This Summer

Your turn.

Has your child recently read a book that you especially liked?  Tell me about it!

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One Comment

  1. I’ll have to check out these books sometime.

    This summer my boys have been reading a lot of my childhood books.

    My oldest (11) has a favorite of the Accidental Detectives by
    Sigmund Brouwer &
    The Viking Quest series by
    Lois Walfrid Johnson.

    I enjoyed the Adventures it the Northwoods & the Riverboat Adventures (now reprinted with a name change) by the last author.

    Next on my list to get is the Farm Mystery series by Castleberry Farms Press (I read some of these as teen) &
    The Moody Family series by
    Sarah Maxwell (titus2.com)
    I think my middles would enjoy these.

    Have a great week!!