5 Reads for Entrepreneurial Moms

Last January, I took a (huge) leap of faith and added “work at home mom” to my personal bio. 🙂

Since I’m a homeschooling mom with five, young kids and a busy pastor’s wife, fitting an at-home job into my life hasn’t exactly been a cake walk.

Working from home takes a lot of motivation, a lot of discipline, and a truck load of organization. 

Okay… to be honest, a lot of days I find myself under that truck instead of driving it.  But, what was I saying?

Building and running a business from home has been both a tremendous blessing and a fun challenge for me.

In many ways, I feel like I’ve discovered a very satisfying personal niche.  Nutrition, health, communication, leadership… who knew I would love doing this so much? 😀

One of the goals I’ve set for myself, both in my personal life and as an aspiring mompreneur, is to spend time reading every single day. 

Some days I read a lot.   

Other days, I might have time to squeeze in just a few pages.

Over the years, I’ve become a firm believer in the importance of personal growth, and the power of Biblical, inspirational messages to change and shape our lives.

With a brand new year upon us, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite books on the topics of personal growth, leadership, and finances.

There are just five books on this list, so I hope you’ll feel like this is a doable goal for you to tackle in the New Year!

If you’re a fellow entrepreneurial mom, I think you’ll find these books especially helpful as you plan and organize your busy life. 

(For a full list of my favorite reads, check out this post.)

I buy most of my books from Amazon.com, but a local library is a great place to check for these titles too.

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Kristy’s 5 Favorite Books for Entrepreneurial Moms

Own Your Life, by Sally Clarkson

Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference, by Crystal Paine

Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-home-Mom, by Tricia Goyer

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by Stephen R. Covey  

How Successful People Think, by John C. Maxwell

And, just in case you love reading blogs and books…

Leadership and Personal Finance blogs I love:

Michael Hyatt

Living Well, Spending Less

Seed Time: (Christian Personal Finance)

Dave Ramsey

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