About SKL

Hey there! I’m Kristy Lynn- writer behind the Simply Kristy Lynn (SKL) blog + community. I’m a content creator from the Fort Worth area, + most days you’ll find me over-thinking, chauffeuring my kids somewhere, or actively seeking solitude (typically in my home office or out in nature).

I’m an INTJ female. Oddly enough (for my MBTI type anyway), I’m married to a pastor, mom to five kids, a SAHM, home educator, + lover of fashion + words. (Oh, + I have no sense of direction + I despise math.) Not quite the logic-driven, taking-over-the-world, child-hating, man-like woman the INTJ female gets pegged as. But then, when are stereotypes ever accurate?

Everything I write here on the blog – from home management tips to style inspiration or book reviews – is from the slant of my feminine INTJ mind (i.e., honest, intense, reserved, and hyper-focused on whatever I decide is important at the moment).

Honestly? My passion is living well + inspiring other women to do the same. If something I write encourages you to read more, think deeply, grow a little, or love better, then I’ll consider my time well spent.

I love solitude so much but also realize that community is hugely important. Consider this blog my introvert-style way of creating a quiet, lovely space to connect, build community, and cultivate an inspired life along side others who share my passion for living well. 

Hey, I'm Kristy! Welcome to my homemaking blog.

Welcome to my inspired living blog.

Whether you’re a fellow introvert or INTJ, or simply curious about the sorts of things I write about, I’m truly honored that you’re here.

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xo, Kristy Lynn