About SKL

Hey there! I’m Kristy Lynn- writer behind the Simply Kristy Lynn (SKL) blog + community. Before anything else, I’m a believer in Jesus + daughter of God. I’m also a wife, mom, editor + content creator from the Fort Worth area. Unless I’m lost in a pile of books (or dirty laundry), you’ll likely find me reading, over-thinking, or chauffeuring my kids somewhere.

I’ve dabbled with writing ever since childhood. (My first short story, written at age seven, was titled, “It Happened at Midnight.” To save my life, I can’t remember what happened.) I started blogging in 2007, when it became apparent that my short story writing was going nowhere. (Just kidding.)

I’m a huge introvert. (An INTJ female… say no more.) On the Enneagram, I land squarely as a type 1. I’m honest, intense, quiet, and hyper-focused on whatever I decide is important at the moment.

Honestly? I hate sleeping + cooking. (Necessary evils.) However, British accents, old churches, hiking trails, and debates never fail to entertain. I accidentally buy too many clothes and find typos everywhere (hence, I’m an editor).

I mentioned that I’ve been blogging since 2007. But why do I write? So glad you asked! My “why” is to create a quiet, lovely space to connect, build community, and cultivate an inspired life along side others who share my passion for living well. 

Hey, I'm Kristy! Welcome to my homemaking blog.

Welcome to my inspired living blog.

I’m honored that you’re still reading.

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