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I’m Kristy Lynn – content creator from Fort Worth. Mom of 5.
Wife of 1 chaplain (20+ years). Charlotte Mason homeschooler.

Incurable idealist & dreamer.

I’ve been a SAHM since 2003 & consider myself a professional (albeit very imperfect) mother. When I’m not lost in a pile of laundry or chauffeuring my kids somewhere, I avidly read, write, & dream of traveling. I’m a proud Army mom, & still in the trenches homeschooling my four younger kids

I teach at our homeschool community, & work (part time + from home) as a marketing editor. I’m an introvert, Enneagram 1, & INTJ female. A few random favorites: Kate Middleton, Kate Spade, Jane Austen, Avonlea, Poldark, Paddington, chicken salad, endless cups of tea, autumn, rainy days. xo

In 2007, I decided to take a chance at writing online & encourage/connect with other moms. (Quite) a few years later, I’m still passionate about writing . . . & helping SAHMs elevate their personal lifestyle + motherhood – affordably, one habit at a time.

In addition to what I write here on the blog, I write weekly’ish emails: SAHM tips, online deals, homeschool helps, + peeks at whatever I’m reading + wearing. Interested? Opt in to my emails here.

I’m also active on FB & IG (@simplykristylynn) & would love to connect with you there!

I’m so very pleased that you’re here – thank you for visiting my online space.


lifestyle & motherhood . . .

one habit at a time.

I invite you to settle in with a cuppa

If something I write resonates with you, please explore my inspiring blog articles & immerse yourself in these mom life adventures with me.

My hope is that the charm of old fashioned values & modern motherhood will awaken your sense of femininity & joy. Inspired living starts here!


Kristy Lynn