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Gentle Passages: Book Review

The passage to womanhood can be a bit rocky.

When is a girl considered a woman?

When she starts her period?

Begins “developing?”

Shaves her legs?

Guiding Our Daughters to Womanhood's Shore {weekend reads @ KristysCottage.com}

Late Afternoon on the Beach, by Diane Leonard

And who tells her when she finally “arrives” on womanhood’s shore?

Her mother?

Her sisters?

Her peers?


I spent a fair amount of time pondering these things as a girl-turning-woman. The bridge between childhood and adulthood can be confusing; sometimes, a girl isn’t quite sure when she’s actually made it across.

I was a young wife, and a newly expectant mother, when my mom discovered the book, Gentle Passages, by Robin Jones Gunn.  

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, she shared the book with me…

Gentle Passages: Guiding Your Daughter into Womanhood

My mom cried. 

I cried.

For the first time in my life, I truly saw the beauty in even the less glorious aspects of womanhood.  I also discovered a purposeful plan for mothers in guiding their daughters toward gracious and confident womanhood.

And I determined to someday give my daughters a “gentle passage.”

Guiding our Girls to Womanhood's Shore {weekend reads}

Building Castles in the Sand, by Nancy Seamons Crookston

Mothers, will we be there to welcome our daughters into womanhood?   

Or, will we leave it up to peers and Hollywood to tell them about their changing bodies?  About boys?  About babies?  About how they should dress and speak and act?

Will they even trust us to tell them about the mysteries of womanhood?

I want to be there for my daughters.  To gently guide them through the season of unfolding womanhood.

My daughters are tender “buds” right now, innocently enjoying their world of childhood.  I rejoice in that.

Yet, I can’t help but prayerfully contemplate the coming years, and wonder how God might use me to give them a “gentle passage.”

Right now, I am tying strings with these little souls; building a bond that, by God’s grace, will grow into a full fledged friendship as the years unfold.

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Next week, we’ll talk more about guiding young daughters toward womanhood, practical ideas for talking to girls about modesty and sexuality, helping preacher’s kids deal with loneliness…

For today, I would love for you to check out this book, Gentle Passagesand consider adding it to your reading list this summer.  I would love to see the publishers bring this book back!

Also, please take a peek at Robin Jones Gunn’s official website… her book for girls, Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate caught my attention this morning.

I have a feeling my girls and I will be reading this one soon!

For more favorite books for young girls, please check out my guest post today over at Hip Homeschool Moms!


Who guided your tender steps into womanhood? 

Was it a gentle passage?

Guiding our Girls to Womanhood's Shore {weekend reads}

Peace, by Diane Leonard

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  1. I just ordered my book. Thank you for a great post! I have two daughters ages 5 & 4. I know it’s early but, I have often thought of how I am going to help them make the passage. I can’t wait to read this book!

  2. Love this, Kristy!  I have to get this book!  Thank you so much!

  3. Kristy, I would like to feature this awesome post on my ‘Encourage One Another’ Wednesday tomorrow. This is so important!!

  4. This is a great post. Mom has shared this book with several mothers of young daughters. I’m thankful for godly resources and examples to follow. Thanks for influence in my life, Sis!

  5. My mom did a great job with helping me with the transition.  This book looks wonderful – I’m going to look into it!  Thanks so much for all you’ve been sharing!

  6. I would say my peers led me most of the way.  🙁  My mom did what she could, but she was part of the generation where speaking about anything intimate was off limits and her mom was even worse!  I wish things had have been different for me, but I am determined to make things different for my girls!  I have got to look into this book!

  7. My Mom  led me into womanhood with grace. I hope I can do the same with my daughter. I was never scared or worried about the changes happening to my body because she dad done such a marvelous job of preparing me for them! I’m so thankful!

  8. I didn’t have a gentle passage, and while I know the Lord had lessons for me in the way it all transpired, I long for something very different for my girls.  I’ve never heard of this book, but I’m going to look into it!  Thanks!

    1. Kasey, I cannot recommend “Gentle Passages” highly enough!  It truly changed my life.  Interestingly, it’s a “little” book… a busy mama can easily read it in a single setting… or two.  🙂