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Benefits of Red Raspberry in Pregnancy

Benefits of Red Raspberry in Pregnancy | Kristy's Cottage blog

guest post by Bambi of Nursery of the Nation

My precious baby is less than three months old, so pregnancy is still fresh on my mind.

I love discovering ways to help our bodies work the way God intended them to work, utilizing diet changes, herbs and supplements when possible.

And even though this birth providentially ended in a surprise C-Section, I hope and pray that if the Lord blesses us with more children in the future, I will again have a natural delivery.

Red Raspberry

The Lord has blessed me with eight children, yet prior to my last birth I had only drunk Red Raspberry tea faithfully during one of my pregnancies.

It was the only delivery I’ve had with almost no bleeding. And although I didn’t realize it at the time because it was my very first labor and delivery without drugs, it was a less painful delivery too.

And should I even mention the fact that I delivered one week ahead of my due date? (And all the pregnant ladies collectively leave for the health food store before they even finish reading…)

For some reason I had forgotten all that (Mommy brain. Things easily fall off the edges), and then I was re-inspired to use it again after reading many testimonies of the effects of red raspberry during labor and delivery.

I then became diligent about consuming it during my third trimester. Many ladies had testified of “easy” deliveries and made quite a connection to red raspberry intake and the quick and simple delivery of the baby.

Suddenly my own experience with red raspberry came back to me. Why hadn’t I been utilizing such a great herb?

So I first ordered several bags of fresh crushed leaves from The Bulk Herb Store. I brewed it in my coffee pot and made it quite strong. Around 32 weeks I began drinking the strong tea, several glasses per day.

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The last six weeks of my pregnancy I began taking the red raspberry in capsule form as well, along with Group B Strep prevention supplements.

Each week I steadily increased the amount of capsules I was taking until I was taking 6 per day.

Benefits of Red Raspberry in Pregnancy | Kristy's Cottage blog


Benefits Of Red Raspberry During Pregnancy:

Gives tone to the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus itself

Reduces pain during labor and after the birth (Hello? I’m all about this one)

Rich concentration of Vitamin C, E, and (the easily assimilated) calcium and iron

Contains many minerals, including phosphorus and potassium

Sucking on ice cubes made from frozen red raspberry while in labor has been said to keep contractions steady and effective as well as facilitate delivering the placenta

Benefits of Red Raspberry Before and After Pregnancy:

Increases fertility, especially if combined with Red Clover

Tones the uterus, helps prevent miscarriage as well as postpartum hemorrhage from a relaxed or “atonic” uterus

Some women attest to relief of morning sickness~Because of the high mineral content, red raspberry leaf can assist in plentiful breast milk production

Is said to reduce menstrual cramps in all women of childbearing age

So now that my pregnancy is over, you want to know if the red raspberry actually did all those things, right?

Did I really have less pain and was my labor shorter as others have attested? I cannot fully tell because of the outcome.

However, I did deliver two weeks early and that has never happened.

I went into natural labor and was in so little pain that I was unsure for quite awhile if it was labor at all.

Yet when I was evaluated I had already made it to 6cm. Only a few hours prior to that did I begin to even suspect I could be in labor.

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And friends, this ain’t my first rodeo.

I like to think, with seven previous deliveries, that I am well acquainted with what labor feels like.

Yes, I do think the red raspberry helped a lot and I am encouraging my sister, who is pregnant with her first baby, to use it as well.

Have you ever used Red Raspberry during pregnancy or any other time?

Did you find that it made a difference in how you felt or in the outcome of labor and delivery?

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  1. Hi, I’m curious….I’m not much on drinking tea…except sweet southern tea…so how is it to taking this as a capsule instead…same results….or is there something special about the tea?

    1. Bobbie, you can certainly get the same benefits from taking red raspberry capsules! Some of us simply enjoy drinking hot or iced tea and prefer to get a lot of our herbs that way. 🙂

      If you’re not a huge tea drinker, then go for the encapsulated herb or even an herbal tincture.

  2. What are everyone’s thoughts on drinking RRL from conception through the end of pregnancy? Some say not to drink it during the 1st trimester and others say it’s okay…

    1. If you have a history of miscarriage, or experience cramping/bleeding during your first trimester, it’s probably best not to drink RRL until you reach your second trimester.
      On the other hand, RRL can also be beneficial for relieving digestive ailments and nausea during the first months of pregnancy.
      As a precaution, I usually drink RRL in moderation during my first trimester (no more than a cup or two a day), and freely thereafter.

  3. I used RRL tea during my last pregnancy and did experience less pain during the first half of my labor.  I was striving to be in Faith through that portion.  The second half I got scared and tired… bad combo for me in labor.  ahwell…

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I sweetened mine with honey the entire time 😉

    Happy Gestating!

  5. Wow thanks for posting. My little one is eight months old right now, but if God blesses us again I am totally going to place an order at the bulk herb store and try it out myself

  6. You have inspired me to use RR as a toner…but I do want to caution anyone with a low placenta….I was faithfully drinking RR tea with my 4th pregnancy, while taking precautions because of placenta previa. After I landed in the hospital because of bleeding, the midwife was questioning me about things I was taking. She said the RR was toning the uterous by exercizing it, thus the bleeding that kept me on bedrest for 3 months.

    1. Thanks for that caution, Gwenda. I can see where RR would not be wise to use in Any placenta issues.

  7. I’ve got a bag in my freezer, its over 6 years old though… thinking I should invest in something fresh!  Also… is it still effective if I were to add sugar!?? 😉

  8. Frog Princess,

    Wow, that’s great! I have used RR before for the same reasons, as well 🙂

    No, I wasn’t taki g the RR with the GBS supplements for any particular reason. Just happened to be time for the GBS supplements at the same time. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  9. i think there is something to it as well! i drank this in my last few weeks in my last pregnancy.  my labor  had to be induced because she was late (so no help there for me) however it was a very fast delivery!  4 hours from the time they broke my water. contractions were quite painful, but i had an epidural first time around, so i have no comparison.  i’m pregnant again though and have been drinking the tea for about a week.  usually i have terrible morning sickness.  i’m only 6 weeks but it has been so much better.  you can bet i’ll continue drinking the tea throughout this pregnancy.  hears to hoping for a natural (early) delivery!!

  10. I’ve been taking Red Raspberry for several months  now, as my husband and I are trying to conceive. I’ve noticed a big difference in my periods; much more regular and no more cramps!! The bag from Bulk Herb Store is not even halfway gone, and I drink it about every other morning. Thanks for the great post. I have a question. You mentioned taking Group B Strep Prevention supplements along with red raspberry, and I was wondering if that is just something else you take, or if you take them together for a reason?