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Absolutely the Best Books I Read in 2019

This post: best books of 2019.

I’ve been meaning to get this “best books of 2019” post on the blog for ages.

Most weeks, I’m too busy reading (and homeschooling my five kids) to actually sit down and write about reading.

Know what I mean?

But here we are at last-

A compilation of the best books of 2019.

Do you have a favorite read from 2019?

I’d love to know what it is- because I might need to read it too.

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These are my favorites, friends-

The best books I read in 2019.

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

Admittedly, I’ve read very few classics as an adult.

Last fall, Jane Eyre was one of my tenth-grader’s British literature reading assignments.

I decided that was quite enough of my kids reading all the good stuff, so I borrowed Amy’s copy of Jane Eyre and read it over our Thanksgiving break.

I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this story; I’ve since added more classic literature to my regular reading.

—> Get a copy of Jane Eyre here.

The Body Shape Bible

by Trinny & Susannah

This isn’t the kind of book one sits and reads, really.

It’s more of a manual.

I refer to this book a lot, and my oldest daughter (the tenth grader) likes it too.

I frequently mention the ideas I’ve gleaned from Trinny and Susannah in my fashion posts, and cited The Body Shape Bible in my post, The Habit of Dressing Well.

—> Get a copy of The Body Shape Bible here.

Teaching From Rest

by Sarah MacKenzie

This isn’t a book I ever planned to read.

I mean, seriously- the title sounds completely ludicrous.

Last year, a friend recommended the book; I was in a tough place as a homeschooling mom so I bought a copy.

This book changed my life.

I’ve read it several times and will likely read it again.

—> Get a copy of Teaching From Rest here.

50 Women Every Christian Should Know


50 People Every Christian Should Know

If you love church history, you’ll want to read these.

I do love church history. The true anecdotes in these books inspired and challenged me deeply.

Both titles would make ideal morning devotionals, although I wouldn’t recommend reading them to children.

—> Find 50 Women and 50 People on Amazon.

The Best Punctuation Book, Period

by June Casagrande

I’m totally revealing my inner nerd with this one.

But I can’t deny: I adore this book.

And, yes, I actually sit and read it.

Enjoy it, even.

If you’re a blogger, editor, or just a fellow word nerd- get the book.

But be prepared to hereafter spy typos everywhere you look.

—> Find The Best Punctuation Book, Period, on Amazon.

Girls’ Club

by Sally Clarkson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Girls’ Club last spring.

I gleaned many insights as an introverted woman, and as the mother of two girls.

—> You can check out my review of Girls’ Club here and find the book on Amazon here.

Raising Great Kids

by Cloud and Townsend

Raising Great Kids is one of the books that shaped my parenting paradigm.

In fact, I’ve yet to read a book by Cloud and Townsend that I didn’t find life-changing- or, at the very least, deeply inspiring.

—> I enjoyed and recommend both the book and the workbooks, which are all available on Amazon.

Hold On To Your Kids

by Gordon Neufeld and Dr. Gabor Mate

This was another book that profoundly shaped me as a parent.

Although Hold On To Your Kids isn’t a specifically faith-based book, I feel that Christian parents would benefit from the insightful message.

—> Find Hold On To Your Kids on Amazon.

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Best Books I Read in 2019 | Kristy's Cottage blog

Your Turn

Have a favorite book to recommend? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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