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Black Waterproof Mascara That’s Clean, Affordable, Swim-& Cry-Proof

This post: The only black waterproof mascara that’s in my makeup bag these days.

I don’t play games when it comes to waterproof mascara. I want to be able to swim, cry, & go on a walk on a humid day with ZERO smudge, run, or smear.

Tall order, I know.

But here’s what I’ve found (& it’s the only black waterproof mascara I use any more):

Forever Lash Black Waterproof Mascara, by Billion Dollar Beauty

This mascara is in my makeup for hot weather arsenal for good reasons:

  • Clean beauty product
  • Affordable ($19)
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Absolutely won’t smudge, run, or smear
  • Heat & humidity resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Widely available – get it at your local Target or online

So easy to Wear!

Watch my 5-second video below.

(Easy to take off too – I use coconut oil as my makeup remover.)

More About This Mascara

Billion Dollar Beauty makeup products are certified cruelty-free, paraben-free, & BeVeg vegan certified.

Target carries this clean beauty brand, which makes it super easy to shop for locally.

How do I know it’s swim-& cry-proof?

Read my water park story here.

And I might have recently bawled my eyes out (happy tears) while wearing this mascara.

(I know – I’m hard on my makeup.)

Want to build a bundle & save?

Grab the Waterproof Eye Kit, which includes:

This waterproof kit is available in three colors (blonde, taupe, & raven), & it’s just $37 (regularly $54) for all three products.

Just want the mascara?

Enter code BDAY20 at checkout to save 20% on your order from Billion Dollar Beauty. Shop now.

Black Waterproof Mascara That's Clean, Affordable, Swim-& Cry-Proof | Beauty Tips for Work-from-Home Moms | Simply Kristy Lynn
clean, affordable, smudge-free

Tell me.

Have you ever tried this brand? Are you a loyal waterproof mascara girl, too?

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  1. I prefer waterproof mascara hands down. Have you worn any of their other makeup? I try to stay away from powders due to my age and was checking out some of their blush sticks.

    1. I don’t wear powders either – dry skin and all that.

      The only other product I’ve used from Billion Dollar Beauty (so far) is their eyebrow pencil, which I really love. Let me know if you try the blush sticks!