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6 Super Healthy + Easy Breakfast Ideas for Moms

This post: Super quick + healthy breakfast ideas for moms… for the prevention of hangry mothers everywhere.

Health experts stand pretty united in championing breakfast as one of the most important meals of the day. I mean, do a quick Google search + you’ll find hundreds of articles detailing why you shouldn’t skip breakfast.

And I agree. I never skipped breakfast… until I became a mom.

Babies, toddlers, teens… it doesn’t matter the ages of your kids – it’s challenging to take care of your own needs when you’re a mom.

If you’ve ever made it half-way through the day, only to realize you feel like a raging, hangry monster (either because you forgot to eat, or you caved + ate a bowl of Lucky Charms) – this post is just for you. Because I’ve definitely been there. And hangry bears mamas aren’t nice!

Keep it simple, sweetie. xo

I have six “breakfast ideas for moms” for you – but first, a disclaimer. These ideas aren’t for the slow mornings when you feel inspired to make pancakes or French toast. (Assuming you sometimes feel those urges, too.)

These breakfast ideas are for all those crazy, normal days – when you

  • know you need to eat something
  • have very little time or inspiration
  • just need to put something healthy inside your body

6 Super Healthy + Easy Breakfast Ideas for Moms

The following are my go breakfasts. All six of these are high in protein, and low in sugar + carbs. The really good news – they only take a minute or two to prep!

You’re welcome! xo

#1 Protein Smoothie

Nine out of ten mornings, this is my breakfast. I pour about 12 ounces of almond milk into my shaker bottle, add a scoop of this nutritious protein mix + a scoop of collagen, and give it a really good shake.

If I’m feeling up to it, I sometimes make this 60-second breakfast smoothie in my Blendtec. But honestly, I do that less than once-a-week. Most mornings, it’s just shake + drink + go.

A healthy smoothies is one of the BEST breakfast ideas for moms!
My go to breakfast smoothie.

Keep it super quick: I try to keep my blender bottle washed + ready to use every morning. (My kids know not to touch it!) I always keep this protein mix on hand… always.

#2 Boiled Eggs

I read once-a-upon-a-time that Jackie O’s signature breakfast was to eat two boiled eggs every morning.

Jackie O ate two boiled eggs for breakfast every morning.
If it’s good enough for Jacki O…

I happen to love boiled eggs + several of my kids do too, so this is a good staple to keep on hand in my house. On mornings when I have a few extra minutes, I grab two boiled eggs out of the fridge, peel + slice them, then sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt + freshly cracked pepper. I still don’t skip my morning shake though!

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Keep it super quick: The only way this is a “quick” breakfast is if you keep boiled eggs in the fridge, ready to eat. I don’t like store-bought boiled eggs, so I boil my own (usually by the dozen) and keep them on hand for busy mornings.

#3 Avocado

Not everyone loves the little green fruit, but I sure do! If you’re also a fan, eating a sliced avocado (sprinkled with some yummy seasonings) is basically a superfood breakfast. They’re high in protein + good fats, which is really an ideal jumpstart for your metabolism, brain, etc. If you have quality bread on hand, avocado toast is a yummy + healthy option too.

Keep it super quick: Avocados are seasonal + grow best far away from Texas, so keeping them on hand is a bit tricky. That being said, when I do find them I typically eat them within a few days… and you know why. You can also buy frozen, chunked avocados to keep in the freezer.

#4 Greek Yogurt + Berries

If I have a few minutes, I like to sit down + enjoy a cup of Greek yogurt with blueberries on top… sometimes sprinkled with a bit of granola, if I have some on hand. Most store bought yogurt is loaded with sugar, so read your labels before you buy. I don’t personally like plain yogurt, so I try to stick with on organic, vanilla variety.

Healthy + quick breakfast ideas for moms
Kind of like a yogurt parfait. xo

Keep it super quick: Keep mini yogurts in the fridge if you need quick, serving-size portions. Opt for frozen berries if you have a hard time keeping fresh on hand (read: your kids eat them up within ten seconds of getting home from the grocery store).

#5 Nut Butter + Bananas

Bananas get a bad rap, in my humble opinion. Some would argue that they shouldn’t be included in a post about healthy breakfast ideas for moms. But I love bananas, so here they are.

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Sadly, these lovely, slender fruit do not give anything by way of protein. So I slather mine with nut butter. (Problem solved!) Usually peanut butter, if I’m honest. But almond butter, for the record. *wink*

Keep it super quick: Don’t run out of bananas + nut butter!

#6 Sprouted Toast + Grass Fed Butter

Toast is challenging for me. I love toast, but I’m also allergic to gluten… so finding healthy bread is pretty difficult. (And, no, I’m not going to make my own, so don’t suggest it.)

If you’re lucky enough to be able to eat all the wheat, you have healthy options! Sprouted toast is actually pretty tasty (or it was before I discovered my gluten allergy). Slather it with some grass fed better for a surprisingly nutritious + filling breakfast.

Keep it super quick: I keep sprouted bread (for the kids) + spreadable, grass fed butter on hand at all times. Thanks to Aldi, it doesn’t break the grocery budget.

So these are my go to breakfast ideas for moms – quick enough for the busiest days, and healthy enough to give you a great start.

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Let Me Know

Do you tend to skip breakfast? What would you add to my list of breakfast ideas for moms?

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  1. Love these ideas Kristy especially your tips for prepping ahead. I struggle with breakfast as I’m not always hungry in the morning, but I know skipping breakfast leads to snacking later on.

    We have a gluten-free kid and our go-to brand for bread is Canyon Bakehouse. Pretty good for avocado toast