3 Good Reasons I’m Not a Food Purist (and what I do instead)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Have you noticed?  Everyone seems to be hustling to find that perfect diet for the New Year. My social media feeds are FULL of inspiring- and downright overwhelming– ideas for eating healthier, feeling better, and looking amazing in 2019.  I’m right there with the rest of them: I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my … Read more

Kristy’s 60-second Breakfast Smoothie {great for IBS}

Reading Time: 5 minutes I thought it would be fun to revisit this yummy, healthy breakfast smoothie recipe!  This has been my daily go to breakfast now for sixteen months… I don’t miss a single day. It’s that yummy and that healthy.  If you’re a probiotic-and-enzyme-taker, you’ll want to keep reading! I am a shameless fan of smoothies.  I love … Read more

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