DIY Citrus Essential Oil Kitchen Spray

Does anything smell as wonderful as clean?

I think not.

Unless maybe it’s chocolate.  Or coffee.

But I’m not talking about chocolate or coffee today.  (Hope you aren’t too disappointed!)

Since we’re exploring “clean and green” around the blog, I want to share with you a simple but fun way to spruce up your kitchen and leave it smelling amazingly fresh.

This DIY Citrus Essential Oil Kitchen Spray will do just that, plus sanitize your counters and appliances!

DIY Essential Oil Kitchen Spray @ Kristy's Cottage blog


You only need a few simple ingredients for this kitchen spritzer:

1 small spray bottle
warm water
lemon or lime essential oil

sweet orange essential oil 

or your favorite citrus essential oil blend!

How to make it:

Pour enough warm water to fill the spray bottle almost to the top.  Add 6 or 8  drops of both the lemon and sweet orange essential oils.  (I generally use Melaleuca’s essential oils but use whatever oils you love!)

Shake the bottle gently to mix water and oils.

Use this lovely spray as a refreshing spritzer on your dining table, counter tops, and appliances when you clean your kitchen!

Spraying it around the garbage can area, or under the sink, will help eliminate odors.

The lemon oil works as a sanitizing agent, and the delightful citrus blend leaves a fresh, clean fragrance in your kitchen! 

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Does it lift your mood when your kitchen smells fresh?

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