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10 Frugal Christmas Ideas, Deals, Tips, & Resources

As much as I don’t like the term “frugal Christmas,” more years than I care to count I’ve found myself needing those two words to go together.

If that’s you this year, then I hope my roundup of frugal Christmas ideas, deals, tips, and resources will be a help. And, most importantly, know that you’re not alone.

A frugal Christmas doesn’t have to be stingy. It can be meaningful and even beautiful, but it’s going to take some intentional mindsets + choices to happen.

Let me show you how to create a truly fabulous + frugal Christmas for yourself + your precious family.

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10 Frugal Christmas Ideas, Deals, Tips, & Resources

Browse my frugal Christmas posts below:

These are resources I’ve found, written, or created over the years. I’m not a frugal Christmas expert, but I have been around the calendar a few times!

Take your time + read through these resources. They’re my top hacks for living well on a budget at the holidays.

Articles I’ve written:

  1. How to Shop Smart & Save Money on Christmas Gifts
  2. Loving Well When the Holidays Are Hard
  3. To the Woman Who Feels Like She Can’t Afford Christmas

Gift Guides:

I try to find the very best prices, and update these guides every year.

  1. 4 Gifts for Christmas :: FREE Printable Wish List & Gift Guide
  2. 6 Ideal Gifts for Homeschool Moms
  3. 10 Beautiful Gifts for Mom Under 100 Dollars
  4. 25 Frugal Gifts for Gift Baskets
  5. 30 Dude Approved Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Guys
  6. 30 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Girls That are Budget Friendly & Meaningful
  7. Inexpensive, Kind-of-Funny, and Meaningful Gifts for Dad

Tips for Keeping Gift Giving Budget Friendly

I can go overboard with gifting pretty easily! Here are my best tips for giving meaningful gifts without over spending:

Set a cash budget. It’s easy to spend too much if you don’t have a dollar amount in mind when you hit the stores. If you’re shopping local, decide on a budget before you go shopping and only take cash with you. Shopping online is a little harder because it’s easier to over spend, but stick with that budget!

Earn cash back. A huge perk of shopping online is the ability to use cash back sites. I never shop online without clicking through cash back links – I love earning gift cards + rebates throughout the year from purchases I would have made any way. Mr. Rebates + Honey are my favorite cash back sites.

Shop small. I prefer small businesses over chain department stores, hands down. If I’m going to spend $50 or $100 on a gift, I’d rather spend my money at a small business, local or otherwise.

Shop off season or during sales. Like anyone, I sometimes find myself scrambling for last minute gifts. But I find the best deals when I buy during sales or off season.

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