The HalfTee Saves Me Lots of Time and Money in These 3 Ways

This post: HalfTee made a lifetime customer out of me, and here’s why. (Plus a promo code to save you money.)

I own over twenty HalfTees + have been a loyal customer of this brand for over a decade. Why?

Because the HalfTee solves problems for me. And if you’ve ever shopped for a modest layering tank, then you know about the problem of even finding one.

What is a HalfTee?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: half a tee. Tee shirts cut (or rather, designed) in half. The result is less bulk than traditional tank tops, plus a versatile, comfortable cami that provides modest coverage.

But being a great design isn’t what sold me on the HalfTee brand – I’ve seen lots of knock offs over the years, but I still keep shopping at Why?

Three reasons, which I’ll share with you right now, since you asked. *wink*

The perfect layering solution.
The perfect layering solution.

HalfTees Make Getting Dressed Easier + Quicker

I don’t like complicated things, especially when it comes to getting dressed. I’m willing to wear layers, but I need them to do two things for me:

  • provide basic coverage
  • not add bulk or discomfort

Most tank tops don’t even tick the first box. And as far as bulk + discomfort goes, I digress. Let’s just say that wearing polyester or spandex tank tops is pretty miserable during the summer months.

I was pregnant with my third child when I discovered the HalfTee brand. I’d already been through two pregnancies wearing uncomfortable layers, and I was well acquainted with the frustration of trying to nurse a baby around a tank top.

My first experience wearing a HalfTee left me wondering, Where have these been all my life? There was zero bulk to contend with, and since I was eight months pregnant, that felt like a game changer!

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Getting dressed felt easy for once, and after my son was born nursing became a breeze too.

I became a lifetime customer of the HalfTee!

The HalfTee Greatly Extended My Wardrobe

I mentioned that I was pregnant when I bought my first HalfTee. Instead of having to pack it away with my maternity clothes, I just kept wearing it after giving birth. In fact, I wore that HalfTee (and the others I bought) through two more pregnancies.

HalfTees saved me so much time + money as a young mom, because they seamlessly rotated through my pregnancy, post-pregnancy + breastfeeding wardrobes.

They extended my wardrobe in other ways, too. Like the fact that I can wear them year-round.

Over the years, I’ve collected a variety of HalfTee styles, including seasonal ones like the turtleneck or half sleeve. But in general, I wear the basic HalfTee twelve months of the year.

It’s truly a wardrobe staple.

Halftees will extend your wardrobe.
HalfTees will extend your wardrobe!

I Literally Wear My HalfTees for Years

The HalfTee company doesn’t skimp on design or quality – these camis are made to last!

As I mentioned, I’ve been wearing these modesty layering tees since before my son’s birth, and he turned fourteen this year. I’ve honestly had to replace very few of my HalfTees in those years (mostly just some of the white ones, as they eventually get stains).

Oh, and my teenage daughters “share” my HalfTees with me, so my stash is literally worn by three women!

How To Make Your HalfTees Last + Last

The key to lifelong wear out of HalfTees is to always air-dry them. I never throw my HalfTees in the dryer. I either let them dry lying flat, or slip them on a hanger.

The "basic" Halftee is anything but basic!
Modest layering made easy. xo

More Reasons to Love the HalfTee

What sets these layering tees apart is that they come in every imaginable sleeve-length, design, + size. Let’s take a look!

Warm weather tees:

Half + Long Sleeves:

Cold weather winter staple.
Cold weather wardrobe staple.

More Than Just Sleeves

I don’t have to tell you that sleeves are just half the solution, right? There’s the plunging neckline too. HalfTees fix that problem too, with reversible necklines.

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(Have you noticed? HalfTees really are THE ONLY layering tanks you need to own!)

Still More Options

Shall we talk about colors and sizes? HalfTees are available in lots of colors (my favorites are the neutrals because they go with everything!).


How about girl’s sizes up to ladies xsmall through curvy sizes (XL through 6X).

Still more styles to pick from:


Lace and Sheer HalfTees

Snake Skin, Cat Print and Swis Dots

SlipTees (for example, if you need full coverage under a sheer dress)

Full-Length camis (cap sleeves and boyfriend/crewneck)

HalfTees for Girls- the Girlee

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Your Turn

Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I wore a regular women’s tank top or full length cami.

Have you found a solution to the modest layering tee challenge? Tell me about it in the comments.

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