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How to Look More Put Together :: 5 Subtle Fashion Hacks

This post: How to look classy and put together… seven days a week!

What’s the difference between looking put together or thrown together?

Even if you can’t give me an answer right off the cuff, I bet you can spot the difference in a crowd.

Or in the mirror!

Experience speaking, my friend.

Even when I didn’t have a clue how to dress well, I knew something was “off.”

My clothes didn’t complement my shape; the colors I wore somehow clashed with (or washed out) my complexion.

I’ve always been a diva-at-heart, but figuring out how to really dress with confidence eluded me as a younger woman.

To give you a visual of how drastically you can improve your look without changing anything but

  • your habits +
  • your mindset,

here’s a “before + after” collage I put together.

Yep, these are both pics of me (Kristy).

The “before” photo is me at 30 years old.

The “after” photo is a selfie I snapped a few weeks ago on my way to church; I’m 40 years old.

Can you see the difference?

Do you know what made the difference?

Well, several things:

I learned how to take care of my hair + skin, for one thing.

Also, I was just coming out of a long bout of depression + anxiety at 30; the weariness is painfully obvious in my face.

I talk about all those things here on the blog.

But in this post, I want to share with you 5 subtle fashion habits that will literally transform how you look.

My beautiful sister, Julie, is the one who inspired me to find my personal style in my early 30s. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to inspire my daughters- and anyone else who wants to know- how to dress with confidence + class.

I’m not an expert. Just a woman who’s passionate about living well. xoxo

Today I’ve got five simple hacks to take your “look” to the next level.

These habits are so subtle that your friends may not know exactly what you’re doing differently, but they’ll notice the change.

Believe me!

(Just like you can see the differences in my pictures.)

If you’ve been wondering how to look put together as a stay at home mom or homemaker… here you go!

How to Look Put Together: 5 Subtle Fashion Hacks

Match your shoes + hand bag | How to Look More Put Together

#1. Match your shoes + hand bag.

Matching your shoes with your hand bag is a brilliant + super easy way to elevate your look.

You can totally tweak this hack to suite your personal style:

  • bright + bold accents
  • subtle neutrals
  • fun prints (think florals, stripes, or animal prints)

You get the idea!

This tip reminds me of something my grandmother would have been advised in the 1950s; that was a seriously classy generation of women.

#2. Always wear a statement piece.

A statement piece can be anything in your wardrobe:

  • a necklace or other piece of jewelry
  • a belt, handbag, hat or other accessory
  • a fabulous pair of shoes (these are my current favorites)
  • a pretty blouse or fabulous pair of slacks or skirt (my personal go to)

For a classy look, opt for a single statement piece; everything else should be neutral or subtle.

For a casual look:

  • a feminine blouse (the statement piece)
  • + a denim skirt
  • + leather slides, shades + a necklace

For a dressier look:

  • patterned A-line skirt (the statement piece)
  • + a matching top
  • + leather slides, shades + a necklace
This bright magenta top makes a fun statement! Or is the hat my statement piece?

#3. Wear dark + light colors strategically.

This is actually a slenderizing hack but I think it’s a fabulous habit for looking your very best every day of the week.

The idea is to minimize (with dark or deep colors) your “less lean” parts. (Ahem.)

For me, that’s upper body, so I don’t wear a lot of white, or very light-colored, tops. (The occasional exception is a blazer or top with a super flattering cut.)

Since I have smaller hips + legs (inverted triangle body type), I don’t mind wearing white or light colored bottoms.

This doesn’t have to be a rigid rule; but it’s a simple way to feel + look your best. (And go for the coveted hour-glass shape… because, why not?)

#4. Follow the rule of thirds.

This is one of my new favorite fashion hacks! –> Implementing the rule of thirds will make you look more put together no matter your build, weight, or dress size. I love this idea so much!

The rule of thirds is a design + art concept that totally works for fashion. Basically, it’s sticking with a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio when putting together your outfits so that you look proportioned.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, read Jo-Lynne’s post, Fashion Tips: Understanding the Rule of Thirds.

This one hack alone can drastically transform your look.

#5. Cover the gray.

Assuming you’re dealing with gray hair, that is.

I have been since my 30s, so it’s a bit of an ongoing “fix” for me.

A little color in your hair goes a long way to keep you looking confident + youthful, especially once you’ve hit 40. (Coloring the gray just might be How to Look Classy and Put Together 101.)

For natural hair color options, check out my post, Natural Hair Color 101.

Again, refer to the “before + after” pic above… keeping your color vibrant is a game changer!

I’m currently using “Cola” by Naturcolor. You can see in a few of the pics that I previously used a lighter color… a little too much red for this brunette!

So that’s a peek at my subtle fashion hacks that just might take your look to a new level.

Like I shared at the beginning of this post, it’s the little things that make a huge difference over time.

Your turn.

Have you ever tried any of these fashion hacks? Which one are you going to try next?

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