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How to Prepare for a Home Birth

How To Prepare For a Home Birth | Kristy's Cottage blog

I meet with a lot of curiosity regarding home birth.

Frequently, I’m asked questions such as,

How do you prepare for a home birth?  

What do you have to do, and what does your midwife do?  

If you’ve ever considered a home birth, or if you’re just curious how it works, here’s a peak at my personal way of preparing to give birth at home.

{This post will focus on preparing our home for welcoming our baby; next week, I’ll share how I prepare my body for a natural labor and delivery at home.}

Just in case you’re new to my blog, I’m expecting my fifth baby in about two weeks; Lord willing, this little one’s birth will be our third home birth!

#1 Order a Birth Supply Kit

My midwife has a customized kit from In His Hands Birth Supply, which I have ordered and used with both our previous home births.  

A typical birth supply kit includes items such as gloves, lubricating jelly, bed pads, gauze, a cord clamp, peri bottle, etc.

My midwife supplies the essential items necessary for a safe and successful home birth; my part, as the mother, is to be sure my kit is on hand and ready for use a few weeks before the expected due date.

#2 Rent a Birth Pool

I discovered the beauty of using a birth pool with our last baby’s birth and definitely plan to use one again this time around!  While I didn’t actually give birth in the pool, the warm water was SO relaxing before and during labor that it greatly reduced the intensity of labor contractions.  Using a birth pool is definitely an optional part of a home birth, but one I highly recommend!

Birth pools are generally available through a midwife, or you can rent them out from birth centers or individual companies.

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#3 Write a Birth Plan

Several weeks out from our baby’s expected due date, our midwife discusses with my husband and me the specifics of what we want and don’t want during our baby’s birth.

A few factors we consider include,

Is it okay to have one or more birth assistants present during the birth?  

Do I prefer a birthing ball, birth pool, or other specific things during labor?  

Who will catch the baby, cut the umbilical cord, etc?  

Do I want an herb bath following delivery?  

Do I plan to breastfeed right away?

This is also the time we think about what to do in case of complications or an emergency:

What hospital do I prefer to be taken to in case of an emergency?  

Do we have a preferred doctor who will work with us?

 Who will be available to watch our older children if we have to leave the home? 

My husband and I wrote out our birth plan a few weeks ago and gave it to our midwife.  While we rest in the fact that the eventual outcome of our Baby’s birth rests in God’s hands, it feels good to  know we’ve done our part to prepare as best we can.

Next time, I’ll share more about preparing Mama’s body for a healthy birth at home!

How do you prepare for labor and delivery?

Here’s to living well- 



P.S. Thanks a million for sharing this post!

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  1. I don’t know if I forgot or never realized, but we are both due with our fifth baby next month! I’m due toward the end of April, though. I would love to have a home birth, but my husband is not completely on board with it- and that is a must. We are fortunate that the hospital we chose (and will use this time) respected and upheld all of our birthing plan last time.

    1. Kimberly, congratulations! This is an exciting time! I’m in the “waiting stage” these days… anticipating meeting our new little one.

      What a blessing to have a good hospital nearby for your baby’s birth! Trust your delivery will be healthy, smooth, and timely… blessings!

  2. I am pregnate with my sixth right now due in 14 weeks! I would recommend the book How big is a plasenta bowl. great for first time homebirth moms. this is my first home birth and can’t wait. although i have used midwifes for my last two births but in a hospital.

  3. I am pregnant with our third baby, and really wanted a home birth this time, but the state we just moved to makes it very difficult to do so legally. So, we are going to be using the local birth center. Next best thing. 😉 However, they do have us order our own home birth kit and pool liner, which I thought was funny. ha

    1. What a blessing to have a birth center nearby! That would definitely be my next choice, as well. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Jessica!