In the middle of my crazy, precious firsts and lasts

Mentoring for Moms Wednesday | In the Middle of My Crazy, Precious Firsts and Lasts

I am packing today.  

Packing for a road trip tomorrow, and a whirlwind mini-family-vacation and minister’s convention next week.

Packing makes me crazy!  

And in the middle of my crazy, it happened:

I decided to give my Baby C his First Real Hair Cut. 

I say “his first REAL hair cut”  because I’ve snipped his hair before.  Carefully snipped around those blond curls, but I never could cut them off.  

Until today. 

In the Middle of My Crazy, Precious Firsts and Lasts | Kristy's Cottage blog

Yesterday, Jeremy took the big boys to the barber shop for their hair cuts, and Baby C would have none of it.  

I’d like to think that it’s because he knew his Mama would miss his curls.

But, truthfully, it’s very likely because my little Mr. C is a temperamental two-and-a-half-year-old who doesn’t like strange (or dear) people touching his head.  Especially not with a pair of electric clippers.

So Mr. C came home with his curls yesterday.  And I was glad.

One more day with my curly haired cherub.

But I decided today was the day for the curls to go.  

The fact that we are leaving in the morning for a minister’s convention, and my son had pig-tail-length blond curls, may or may not have helped determine the timing of the First Real Hair Cut.

Whatever the inner prompting, the curls had to go.

In the Middle of My Crazy, Precious Firsts and Lasts | Kristy's Cottage blog

I cannot lie: I cringed more than a little when those first golden locks dropped from my son’s little head and fell to the kitchen floor.  I cringed because he is no longer my baby.

And because I knew that I’m not sentimental enough to actually keep those curls.  My nine-year old daughter swept them up and threw them away.

And now the curls are gone.

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Maybe they’ll grow back; Mr C does seem to have a lot of natural wave, even without the curls.

But he’ll never be my curly-haired cherub again.  Not unless he decides to grow his hair out as a teenager, and, well, that just won’t be as cute now, will it?

Today my Baby C got a little older.  

A little less baby-ish.

A little more man-ish.

In the middle of my crazy, it happened, just like it does on all the other days of “firsts” and “lasts.”

In the Middle of My Crazy, Precious Firsts and Lasts | Kristy's Cottage blog

In the Middle of My Crazy, Precious Firsts and Lasts | Kristy's Cottage blog

The first Real Hair Cut.

The last Baby curls.

Another day of crazy, precious, firsts and lasts.  

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  1. Aw, I can totally relate to this feeling. The firsts become such bittersweet moments when it’s your last baby.

  2. Your little fellow has a lot of hair! Cute.

    My first son I couldn’t wait until he needed a haircut, but he was almost 2 before he needed one.
    My second I didn’t care- although his hair grows exceedingly fast!
    My last little boy, it was hard to see him be a big boy and get a haircut. It wasn’t very thick, or even real long, but at 7 months he needed one because his hair “curled” very oddly. He looked ridiculous. So, therefore the clippers came out. That was 10 months ago. I’m not ready for my baby to grow up yet!

    Lasts are certainly very sobering. I understand completely Kristi. Enjoy your ‘baby’ boy!

  3. O what a cutie you have 🙂
    The jerk on a mamas heart happens over & over on those lasts, right? Then I think, yes, this is right & good;) blessings on your weekend!

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