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My Workout Routine & Goals: 12-month Update

Welcome to week two of our winter-long “Beautiful Healthy You” blog series!

Last week, I shared some personal thoughts on eating “smart” and not being a food purist. (If you missed that post you can read it here.)

Today I’m writing about another aspect of self-care and checking in with my 12-month workout update.

And, yes, I’m super proud of myself for sticking with my goal last year to exercise on a regular basis!

In this post, I want to share three things with you:

  1. My Workout Routine as a Busy Mom
  2. The Results I’m Seeing a Year Into Working Out
  3. A Review of Moms Into Fitness
My Workout Routine & Goals: 12-month Update | KristysCottage.com

If you’re following our “Beautiful Healthy You” series this winter, I hope this post will inspire you to take really great care of the body God has given you!

Here we go-

My Workout Routine as a Busy Mom

Admittedly, the “routine” part is the biggest challenge for me.

Like you, I AM SO BUSY.

Sometimes I feel too busy to take care of my body, but I’ve learned the hard way that self-care is a responsibility, not a luxury.

So for the past twelve months, I’ve carved out the time to work out three to five days a week.

My preference is to get up about two hours before my kids (that would mean around five or six o’clock in the morning) so I can read, pray, and exercise.

Since I’m not a morning person- and since weekday mornings are devoted to homeschooling my five kids- early morning workouts don’t always hapen.

On the days when I desperately need to sleep in a little, I work out in the afternoon once our school work is done for the day.

Two quick things that help keep me on track:

  • I invested in several good quality sports bras and a few work out pieces. Maybe I’m silly, but changing into my workout clothes makes me feel 100% more motivated to get ‘er done!
  • Another helpful tactic for me is to use some kind of workout calendar. Last year, I printed off Lindsay Brin’s work out calendars from the Moms Into Fitness website. This year, my 15-year old daughter and I are using a fitness journal/calendar to keep us on track.
On an ideal morning, I get up early enough to read, study for my teen Sunday school class at church, work out and get ready for the day!
My 15-year old daughter, Amy, has become my work-out accountability partner.

I’m typically very self-motivated, but having an exercise buddy is a plus too!

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Results & Goals

I shared my six-month workout results here.

At the twelve-month mark, the goals I’m starting to see are toning in my core and overall increased strength in my arms, legs, and torso.

I’ve already mentioned this in my previous workout posts, but I’m really thankful for the sustained energy and restful nights that have resulted from my habit of exercising.

As a mom who has given birth five times, I’m also really grateful to be done with lower back pain, burning varicose veins, shoulder stress and diastis recti.

Working out is definitely not just about body aesthetics, but I’m pretty happy that I can comfortably and confidently wear the clothes in my closet, which I happen to love!

(Need inspiration on building a wardrobe you can love? Read this and this.)

As for my workout goals in 2019, I plan to

  • continue working out three to five times per week
  • continue toning my core and arms
  • learn an outdoor skill with my daughter (I’m leaning toward archery)

Moms Into Fitness Review

I discovered Moms Into Fitness years ago, but sadly I didn’t stick with the workouts on a consistent basis.

When I decided it was high time to do something about my stress levels and the core damage left by five pregnancies, I immediately thought of Moms Into Fitness and Lindsay Brin.

At first, I used Lindsay’s free core workouts on You Tube. After a few weeks, I realized the benefits of her routines and decided to take the plunge and purchase a workout program.

I started with the Post Natal workout, then went on to purchase Lindsay’s Summer Shape Up.

As I already mentioned, the workout calendars available on the Moms Into Fitness website helped keep me on track as a newbie who desperately needed some accountability- for me, that means a schedule- in order to stay on track!

For those who love connecting with other moms and need some extra accountability, Moms Into Fitness also has a private group on Facebook for members.

By the time autumn rolled around last year, I was pretty sold on Lindsay Brin’s workout routines.

I subscribed with a year-long membership and now I have access to all of Lindsay’s streaming workouts, calendars, and meal plans on the Moms Into Fitness website.

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Lindsay Brin is a Christian mom and fitness trainer. She’s also super funny and encouraging!

To keep me motivated and stay informed, I follow Lindsay Brin on Facebook and Instagram.

I also have the Moms Into Fitness app, but haven’t really used it much.

If you’re a mom looking to heal and strengthen your body- or take control of weight management– I highly recommend Moms Into Fitness.

If you decide to sign up for a membership and want to mention me as a referral, just enter my email- naturalmama81 {at} gmail {dot} com– and I’ll get a free month on my membership!

Share with your friends, and you can enjoy the same. Details here.

If you’re not a mom but you want to take your physical health to a better level by exercising at home, check out Spotebi.

I’ve used a lot of the workouts on this website and feel like they offer a fantastic selection of exercise routines, nutrition helps, and a monthly or yearly membership to help you stay on track with your goals.

Investing in your health is just that- it’s an investment.

It will cost you some time and energy, and probably a few dollars as well.

Like any good investment, you’ll reap a lot more good stuff than you spend. You are worth it!

If you’re not already in the habit of taking care of your body’s need for exercise, I hope that it’s one of your goals for 2019.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

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