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Natural Pregnancy: A Journey into Midwifery Care

Natural Pregnancy: A Journey into Midwifery Care | Kristy's Cottage blog

guest post contributed by Bambi of Nursery of the Nation

I am not a person who believes that a natural pregnancy, labor and delivery are the way, the truth and the life.

Each pregnancy holds it’s own surprises and so does labor and delivery. I’m so thankful for traditional medicine and interventions when they are necessary.

My first three babies were born after scheduled hospital inductions, each complete with an epidural and narcotics. My husband had a vasectomy after our third child was born.

The Lord changed our hearts and my husband underwent a reversal just three years later.

I studied and learned all that I could about natural pregnancy, labor and delivery. I didn’t know if the Lord would bless us with more children, but if He did, I wanted to experience all there was to this miracle of life.

I was drawn to testimonies of women who gave birth with dignity, surrounded by loved ones, instead of strangers.

This led to pursuing a midwife to handle my prenatal care.

From the very beginning, instead of being treated as a sick person that needed help “just getting through,” this time I was encouraged to eat well, exercise and trust that the Lord would bring my baby in His perfect time.

As time drew near to deliver, my midwife reminded me that due dates are not absolutes. She would have never even considered inducing.

My first natural delivery went smoothly, quickly and my recovery time was much shorter. I was now officially hooked on midwifery!

Because of housing moves, I’ve now used several different midwives. Each one has encouraged me to read, learn and educate myself.

The Lord has since then blessed us with 3 more children, and our eighth child will, Lord willing, be born next month.

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I have never been sorry that I switched to midwifery care for my last four deliveries.

Even though my 5th baby was posterior and a very difficult delivery, the patience of the midwives who cared for me spared me from a casarean.

I have never been able to have a home birth because of my location.

But using a midwife for my prenatal care has been such a blessing to me, that I have driven 100 miles to a birth center for my last three births.

That distance makes some people in my family (like my husband.. ahem) nervous. Especially since my last baby was born just 12 minutes after we reached the center.

Providentially, my first-ever water birth never happened–there wasn’t time!

Why I Love Using a Midwife

She understands that a woman’s body can usually bring forth a baby without intervention.

She considers herself merely a “lifeguard” in the rare case of complication.

She is not there to micro-manage every normal health variation in my body.

She focuses on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and is a proponent of herbs and supplements if there are symptoms of deficiencies.

She has a willingness to let me make my own decisions about which lab work or procedures I will allow/endure.

She has a desire to have a relationship and friendship with the me, spending 30-45 minutes just visiting at my pre-natal appointments.

She is much less-expensive than an obstetrician *wink*

And my favorite: There is mutual respect between us. There is no medical intimidation on my part or defensiveness on her part if I express disagreement.

Midwifery care is not for everyone.

The most important thing about giving birth is being comfortable–with your caregiver and your location of birth.

Also, natural pregnancy and delivery doesn’t put anyone on an elevated spiritual status.

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This is a decision that many circumstances must factor into, such as your husband’s wishes and what maternity care is available in your area.

Are you considering midwife care with your pregnancy?

What questions do you have?

Natural Pregnancy: A Journey into Midwifery Care | Kristy's Cottage blog

P.S. Thanks a million for sharing this post!

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  1. Bambi, I would have loved to have had a natural birth with a midwife. If I had it to do over, I would have read more and tried to mesh the fertility intervention to get pregnant with a home delivery. At 42 with a high risk pregnancy, they said it was un-do-able 🙁 But, the Lord was merciful, and we now have 3 healthy young people. Praise Him! Love this helpful content.

  2. I find this very intriguing, but i have to ask this: my daughter was born nine minutes to 24 hours after my water broke (which i was told 24 hours was the max before an emergency c-section). 18 hours into labor, I was only at 3cm, so i had to be put on pitocin. When I was finally ready,I pushed for 2.5 hours and still ( I believe I read that they only let you push for 3hrs, not sure if that’s true), she need the max amounts of vaccuums.  The cord was also around her neck. Had they not gotten her out in time…who knows, I shudder to think. so what happens in a situation like this with a midwife? do you still deliver in a hospital incase of an emergency? Would they just have kept waiting, and having me push? I find it all interesting, but after my daughters birth, I am hesitant to go in that direction. any clarifications to help me?

    1. In case of an emergency, midwives will take clients to a hospital to deliver.  For us, this was prearranged BEFORE the birth.  Thankfully, we never had an emergency, but we had a plan “just in case”.  

      Depending on each midwife, they will make a judgment call, along with you and your husband, on when a situation becomes an emergency and requires medical intervention at a hospital. 

      It has been our personal experience that the majority of midwives are highly competent and careful not to take risks.

  3. I have had all 5 of my children at a  hospital with a doctor (good one at least).  I had three epidurals, one with only staidall (?) and one with no pain meds!  Should the Lord see fit to bless us with another child, I long to go through prenatal, birth, and post partum with a midwife.  I have met a precious lady here that I would love to have as my midwife!  I got the privilege of working with her on a delivery a couple of years ago and was “hooked”!  We shall see what the Lord has planned for us. 🙂

  4. midwives rock! 🙂 as a child whose mother had babies at home it was such a treat and hence led to me now having a sister who is a CPM!

  5. I loved this post! Our first was born at home, second at the hospital (due to possible complications) and the third at a birthing center. My midwife was there for each one, encouraging, teaching and supporting. 

    While I love my midwife dearly (and whole-heartedly recommend natural care when possible!), the point you about how we shouldn’t elevate natural birth wrongly is so true. How we deliver our child pales in comparison to how we love and train them in the decades *after* birth!