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Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

You probably found this page because you’re pregnant and searching for natural remedies for morning sickness.

I originally wrote this post when I was in the early stages of my second pregnancy. 

I’m now a mama with five young children; I can’t say that I’ve ever found a “magic cure” for morning sickness, but there are definitely natural remedies and lifestyle habits that HELP!  

I hope that something here will help out a mama still in the throes of nausea.

Bentonite Clay– this probably was my best “remedy”, as it definitely helped the most. Boy, could I tell if I missed a day!

I purchased Bentonite Clay, which is a powder, from The Bulk Herb Store very inexpensively. I took a scant teaspoon with juice every morning before breakfast, followed by 2 capsules of physllium and a glass of water.

The physllium isn’t required, but it helps push the Bentonite Clay through the system without it getting “stuck in your gut”. (Think:constipation, which you DON’T need during pregnancy!)

Bentonite Clay is very effective during pregnancy because it acts as a “cleanse” and absorbs toxins from the body (toxins, especially in the liver and bladder, can play a key role in causing or heightening morning sickness during pregnancy). 

Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew– I bought this tasty tea from The Bulk Herb Store, as well. It is loaded with iron and vitamin C, as well as calming herbs such as peppermint and alfalfa. I enjoyed it both hot and iced.

Read more about the benefits of red raspberry tea during pregnancy.  

Digestive Enzymes– My homeopath recommended this brand, and I’ve used it for year with very good results.

During pregnancy, digestion can be sluggish which usually results in bloating, constipation, worsened nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms.  I found that taking one capsule of this enzyme prior to each meal (or at least twice a day) provided much relief.  

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Here’s to living & loving well-



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