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Printable Nature Walk Worksheet for Kids (and a Simple Guide to Nature Walks)

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This post: Printable nature walk worksheet for your next nature walk with the kids – and an easy guide on how to do it.

Charlotte Mason said it best: “We were all meant to be naturalists, each in his degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things.”

I couldn’t agree more, and as a mom I’ve long wanted my kids to connect with + enjoy nature. One of our favorite ways to do this is to take nature walks.

If you’re new to the idea of a nature walk with kids – or if you’re looking for a printable nature walk worksheet for your next outdoor adventure – this post is for you!

Printable Nature Walk Worksheet

A nature walk worksheet is an easy way to implement a Charlotte-Mason-inspired nature study into your homeschool curriculum.

These cost less than $2 each (print as many as you need) + are so much fun!

A printable nature walk worksheet for

I curated a collection of seasonal nature hunt printables at the bottom of this post; keep reading or click here to view it now.

A Simple Guide to Going on a Nature Walk

I’ve been taking my five kids on nature walks for years + years.

Here are a few tips for how to make the most of a nature walk with your kids.

Printable Nature Walk Worksheet for Kids (and a Simple Guide to Nature Walks)
Our two-acre property is where we generally take nature walks.

Choose the best season for your area.

My family lives in north Texas, and late autumn or mid-spring are the best seasons for nature walks here. (Fall is our very favorite!)

But honestly, you can enjoy a nature walk any time of the year. Just make sure everyone is wearing appropriate layers, supportive shoes, and has a water bottle!

-> Here’s a nature walk worksheet for spring, summer, fall, + winter.

Grab a basket (or something to collect things).

A simple basket is fun, but you can use whatever you have on hand – a bag, box, or bucket.

The point is to have something to store all the things you find + collect.

Printable Nature Walk Worksheet for Kids (and a Simple Guide to Nature Walks)

Lead the way with fun.

A nature walk should be – above all else – playful and fun. Yes, maybe it’s part of your homeschool day. But it’s also a simple way to get outdoors to clear your head, explore, and make memories with your kids!

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So relax. Forget the to do list. Close the books on math + phonics for a while. And walk away from the messes that are driving you c-r-a-z-y.

Bundle up your kids + get outside. Or, if you like in Texas like I do – just get outside.

Our son, Colton, is the family naturalist – and clown!

Model curiosity + wonder.

Kids are naturally curious, but it doesn’t hurt to lead the way. . . so get your childlike glasses on!

Walk around in your back (or front) yard, pick up leaves, oooh and ahhh over chunks of bark + colorful berries. Look under rocks. Examine leaves or flowers. Bring a few indoors, and show your kids how to do a leaf rubbing or how to press a flower between books.  

It’s a wise idea to be aware of any poisonous plants in your area! My husband taught our kids how to identify + steer clear of poison ivy, venomous spiders, etc.

Make the most of wherever you’re at.

If you’re starting to think, This won’t work for me, I don’t live in the county or have interesting plants in my yard – NEVER FEAR.

Nature exists all around us – even in the middle of a city block. Here are a few places you can enjoy a nature walk:

Printable Nature Walk Worksheet for Kids (and a Simple Guide to Nature Walks)
Our son, Caleb, found this huge leaf at my sister’s house in Oklahoma.

Look for the beautiful + wonderful. (You’ll find it!)

When my kids were little, they were convinced that we have gorgeous fall colors here in Texas. Which, sadly, is not the case.

But I make a really big deal every time we’re driving somewhere + we spot trees with little tips of yellow + maybe-almost-orange. We all yell, “Look at those leaves!  Aren’t they pretty?  I just love fall!”

Over the years, my kids have found some pretty amazing leaves + flowers + specimens on our two acre property (+ other places we’ve visited).

But most importantly, they’ve developed a sense of wonder + appreciation for nature – which is what I was after in the first place.

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Wrapping up the nature walk.

A 30-minute jaunt in the park or front yard was more than enough when my kids were little. Once a toddler started fussing, we carried our buckets of treasures into the house, and spread our leaves + sticks + pecans + berries out on the dining room table.

We made pumpkin spice tea or hot cocoa or lemonade. The big kids doodled or made notes in their nature journals, and the little ones took naps.

Still walking through nature.

In 2022, our oldest daughter enlisted in the Army and is now stationed overseas. She frequently texts me pictures of interesting things she finds on hikes or trips to the beach. During boot camp, she wrote home about the beautiful woods + foliage at Fort Jackson.

I don’t take credit for her deep sense of curiosity + wonder; but I am grateful for every trek we made outdoors, and every mess she carried into the house, during those (short) formative years at home.

Your next nature walk with your kids may awaken little hearts more than you will realize for years to come.

Don’t Forget Your Nature Walk Printable

I have a long love affair with printables for kids – especially when it comes to a Charlotte-Mason-inspired nature study. Thanks to all the creatives out there, I’m pretty sure there’s a nature walk worksheet for just about every location + season!

Below are some favorites I curated from Etsy shops. Simply click the images for more details, or to purchase, download, + print.

Other nature walk favorites.

Over the years, we’ve found a few favorite things (in addition to the beloved nature walk worksheet) that enhanced our nature studies.

Here are our top three:

Your turn.

Have you ever gone on a nature walk with your kids? Tell me about it!

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  1. What a fun reminder that nature walks aren’t just for summer! My kids will be outside bundled up enjoying the snow that fell last night. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Enjoy the snow! We don’t get much of that here in Texas, but we always love it when we do!