22 Old and New Books to Read in 2022

This post: Reading list 2022 edition. Kristy’s top 22 book picks for this year.

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new year (okay, besides picking out a new planner) is creating a reading list.

I don’t always read every book on my list; and inevitably, I end up reading books that weren’t originally on my list.

But the fact remains: it’s fun to compile a running list of titles- along with a corresponding stack of said books. The anticipation of delving into each read is something I look forward to all year long. (I know. I’m a nerd.)

My Reading List: 2022 Edit

This year’s reading list is ready to roll, friends! To commemorate the year 2022, I compiled a list of twenty-two must-read books (some new, some old).

This year’s reading list includes several classic literature and fiction books, plus the usual self-improvement, devotional, and parenting reads. (I’ve found that a mix of genres throughout the year gives my brain a break.)

Where to Buy The Books

I typically buy books from Amazon, but I’ve also picked up some of the books on this list from used book stores and ThriftBooks.com.

If you want a handy resource, check out my Amazon list: Books to Read in 2022. It includes everything on this list, plus a few more. xo

Enter: Audible

Most of the time, I listen to the lit or fiction rather than read it. My Audible app, and the many hours per week I spend driving my kids to extracurricular activities, have become my dear friends.

Here we go: my reading list for 2022, in alphabetical order (because, you know… I’m a nerd).

22 Books to Read in 2022

#1 Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-Home Mom

I’ve read Balanced a number of times, but I’m revisiting it again this year. The author, Tricia Goyer, is a homeschooling mom with a large family and a passion for writing. She speaks to me.

#2 Curly Girl: the Handbook

I read this book by Lorraine Massey nearly two decades ago, and I’m revisiting it since my hair has changed so much over the years. Part of my quest in 2022 includes boosting my hair + skin health, and the tips in Curly Girl definitely help with that.

See also: Silver Hair: a Handbook below, by the same author.

#3 Emma

You guessed it! Emma, by Jane Austen, is a classic I’ve actually never read (although I’ve watched the movie versions a dozen times). I’ll probably listen to this one on Audible rather than read it.

#4 Help, I’m Drowning

Help, I’m Drowning is a newer book by one of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson. I started reading it last fall and have found it to be a soul tonic. If you’re living through hard things right now, this book will encourage you.

#5 How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth

I’m on a journey of reading through all the titles by Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud, Christian counselors and psychologists. Next up is How People Grow, one of the self-improvement reads I am definitely prioritizing this year.

#6 Les Miserables

Les Miserables, written by French novelist Victor Hugo, remains one of the most timeless classics in modern literature. (I love many of the movie adaptations, as well as the Broadway show.) The story is unbelievably long: over 50 hours of listening on the Audible app! I started it last fall and am not quite half-way through.

#7 Little Women

I’ve loved this story by Louisa May Alcott for as long as I can remember. I’m revisiting it again this year via Audible. This time, I’m diving in to the complete set of novels: Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys.

#8 Praying With Jane

I discovered a new-to-me gem via Instagram last year: the lovely Rachel Dodge and her beautiful books, which feature some of my very favorite literary heroines: Anne Shirley, Jo March, and the very real Jane Austen. My sister gave me a copy of Praying With Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen for Christmas; I’m enjoying it during my morning devotion time.

#9 Pride and Prejudice

Speaking of Jane Austen, I’m also revisiting her famous novel, Pride and Prejudice. This time, I’m treating myself to the audio book (I do love a British accent), but I’ve also added Austen’s entire novel collection to my birthday wish list. xo

#10 She Works His Way

Here’s another lovely space I discovered on Instagram last year: the She Works His Way online community and book. As a work-at-home mom, I’m always looking for resources that inspire and equip, and this resource is one I plan to explore for a while.

#11 Silver Hair: a Handbook

One of the big decisions I made for 2022 is to embrace my naturally graying hair (hopefully with grace and style!). This handbook, Silver Hair, is a must-have resource for any woman who’s considering ditching the dye.

#12 The Giver

I’ve been a fan of Lois Lowry ever since I read her novel, Number the Stars, in high school. I recently picked up a copy of The Giver and added it to my reading list for this year. I may very well end up reading the other three books in her quartet: Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.

#13 The Hobbit

I’m fascinated by the world of Tolkein and his hobbits! Last fall, my 13-year old son started reading The Hobbit for school and I ended up joining in via the audio book. I plan to finish it this year, and who knows? Perhaps I’ll dive into the rest of the trilogy too.

#14 The Whole-Brained Child

Psychology fascinates me to no end, so I like to have at least one “brainy” read on my book shelf at any given time. The Whole-Brained Child caught my eye recently so I added it to my reading list. I look forward to reading it along with the parenting guide, Triggers (see below).

#15 Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

I first heard of the book, Triggers, by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake, on a podcast (At Home with Sally) a year or two ago. It’s one of those books that has just sat in my Amazon wish list for a while. This year, I’m making a point to read it.

#16 Trim Healthy Future

I’m jump on and off the Trim Healthy Mama train so many times over the past ten years. This year, I’m making an effort to stick with it as much as possible (I’m sure I’ll blog about it eventually). This recipe book, Trim Healthy Future, is on my wish list for 2022. But first, I’m delving into Trim Healthy Starter (see below).

#17 Trim Healthy Starter

This guide, Trim Healthy Starter, is perfect for people like me who need to start out with baby steps into the Trim Healthy lifestyle. The information is concise and simple to read, and the book contains about fifty recipes to help newbies (or lazies) get started. So far, I’ve loved everything I’ve read and tried.

#18 Untamed: How the Wild Side of Jesus Teaches Us To Live with Abandon

I randomly picked up a copy of Untamed, by Lisa Harper, at a used book store a few weeks ago. This book isn’t new (published back in 2010), but both the author and the title are new to me. I find Lisa’s style a little less churchy and a little more casual than authors I typically read, but there’s something fresh about her perspectives. I’m enjoying the book.

#19 War and Peace

War and Peace, by Leo Tolskoy, is my “challenge book” for 2022 (okay, maybe along with Les Mis) . This hefty piece of literature (over 1,200 pages) feels a bit daunting, even for a nerd like me. My 18-year-old daughter, Amy, read the hardback book (I bought her a tee shirt to commemorate!), but I’m totally sticking with the audio version.

#20When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace

I’m a fan of Ruth Chou Simmons and her beautiful artwork over at Gracelaced.com. When I saw that Ruth was writing a new book, When Strivings Cease, I knew it was a message I needed to read.

#21 Who’s Pushing Your Buttons? Handling the Difficult People in Your Life

Honest confession: it’s the pastor’s wife in me that wants to reach for this book by Dr. John Townsend. But really. Doesn’t everyone deal with difficult people? I can’t wait to read it.

#22 Wild Things

I honestly don’t know a thing about the authors of this book, Stephan James and David Thomas. But I do know boys. (I have three). So Wild Things made the reading list this year.

Tell me.

What book(s) made your 2022 reading list? Drop a comment and let me know! Chances are pretty high that I’ll run and add the title to my Amazon reading list. xo

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