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9 Hacks to Save Money Online Shopping (Almost) Every Time

This post: Save money online shopping with these nine tried-and-true hacks.

I rarely don’t save money online shopping. What began as a survival skill, as a young + broke mom living in a rural community (read: no local shopping), turned into a lifestyle that saves me lots of time + cash.

Whether we’re shopping for gifts, furniture, vehicles, clothing, or just about anything else, these tried-and-true ways to save money online shopping always work.

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1) Use Cash Back + Coupon Apps or Sites

There are tons of cash back + coupon apps + sites, but I’m only going to share the ones I personally use:

Those are my referral links! If you try + like them, you can refer your friends, too.

2) Install a Browser Extension

If you do much online shopping, this is a must!

I save quite a bit of money every year with Honey, a browser extension that searches for promo codes + deals for you. Check out Honey now.

3) Look for Free Shipping & Returns

This one tip can definitely save money online shopping! Take a minute to check out shipping + return policies before deciding where to shop online.

4) Sign Up for Rewards Programs

Any time I shop online, I check to see if the shop or brand offers a rewards program. If they do – and especially if they also offer free shipping + returns – it’s likely I’ll be a return customer.

Tips to Save Money Online Shopping

5) Always Search for Promo Codes

If you don’t have a rewards code handy + if Honey didn’t find one for you, do a quick Google search. Something like, “Promo code [enter name of store of brand].”

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6) Compare Before You Buy Online

Do a quick search before you place an online order. Sometimes you can find the same thing cheaper on Amazon, or even at a local retail store.

7) Shop Seasonal Sales

Don’t under estimate the savings of shopping during Black Friday, Labor Day, Summer, or other holiday sales. If you know you’re going to purchase a big ticket item, wait for the big sales to launch.

8) Better Yet, Shop Off Season

This is my preferred way to save money online shopping. It’s true that sometimes sizes + styles are a bit picked over, but I’ve saved 80 or 90 percent off normal retail prices by shopping off season.

9) Shop Used + Local Online

Local marketplaces + sites like Craigslist, Poshmark, and Ebay are often hidden gems for frugal shoppers.

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Your turn.

Have you ever tried any of these hacks? How do you save money online shopping?

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