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3 Science-Backed Self Care Tips for Moms (That Are FREE to Do!)

This post: FREE self care tips for moms (& a printable checklist).

Self care for women is a million dollar industry in our culture . . . which is crazy, if you ask me. Why? Because SO MANY self care routines are actually FREE (or almost free) to do.

I’ve got THREE super simple tips for making time for a little restoration in your daily routine. None of these self care tips for moms will cost you a penny . . . but they might just change your life!

Read on to discover how easy (& affordable) it is to practice daily self care as a busy mom . . . & the science-backed reasons why these habits will help you have a better day, every day.

(Want a printable self care check list? I created one for you HERE.)

3 Completely FREE Self Care Tips for Moms

& Other Busy Women 🙂

1) Have 20 Minutes of Daily Quiet Time

In her book, The Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and More Joy, Jamie C. Martin touts the health benefits of having just 20 minutes of quiet time every day.

At first, I RESISTED this idea. I mean, how can lying around for nearly half-an-hour every day help me feel better as a mom? (I have things to do!)

After giving this a try for just a few days, I was convinced.

  • darken the room
  • turn off your phone & devices
  • rest quietly (without interruptions, if possible)
  • close your eyes – no reading or browsing books/social media

This daily habit can help bring your body’s adrenaline levels back to normal during a busy day, & reset your perspective.

Just 20 minutes of daily quiet time can be so restorative.

When my kids were little, resting for 20 minutes while my kids napped was the best way to fit in this self care habit.

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I’ve noticed that even if I don’t fall asleep (I’m not great at power napping), I feel more refreshed if I take the time to do this every day.

2) Tell Yourself What to think

Better yet, write it down.

Dr. Daniel Amen encourages a practice he calls “the one page miracle,” in which you fill a single page with your answers to the following two questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. How am I going to make it happen?
  • Dr. Amen explains the practice here.
  • Download a FREE printable worksheet here.
Practice some form of journaling or daily affirmations.

In summary, “telling yourself what to think” is the opposite of letting old patterns dictate your daily choices & moods. Spend a few minutes every day getting intentional about improving your thought patterns.

3) get out in nature

Think about it: The first environment God created for humans was a garden.

We were designed to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, & mentally when we have ample time in “green” & “blue” spaces — that is, nature, gardens, water, etc.

In the article “Nurtured by Nature,” The American Psychological Association, spells out numerous potential benefits of spending time outdoors, including:

  • decreased rates of mental & emotional disorders in children
  • sharpened cognitive benefits
  • increased feelings of optimism & positivity
  • decreased mental stress
  • ability to problem solve
3 Science-Backed Self Care Tips for Moms (for a Better Day!)
Going on a nature walk with your kids is a simple way to practice self care & get outdoors!
  1. Make time for a morning or evening walk
  2. Take your kids to a local park
  3. Take your kids on a nature walk
  4. Pack a family picnic
  5. Plant flowers, herbs, or a few vegetables
  6. Go stargazing as a family
  7. Take a day trip to a local lake or beach
  8. Hunt for shapes in the clouds with your kids
  9. Take up nature photography as a hobby
  10. Cultivate mindfulness anytime you’re outdoors
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Want more ideas?

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