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30 Dude Approved Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Guys

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This post: Stocking stuffer ideas for teenage guys (stuff they’ll actually like but won’t tell you they want).

I admit it: buying for the guys is my biggest gifting challenge at the holidays. Teenage boys can feel especially hard to buy for, because they don’t always tell us what they want!

I’m a boy mom + the 30 stocking stuffer ideas in this guide are inspired by my three sons. If you’re looking for dude-approved stocking stuffer ideas for teenage boys (+ their little brothers), you’re in luck!

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>Pro Mom Tips for Stuffing Boys’ Stockings

>Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Guys- the Link List

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys
Teenagers love getting stockings, too.

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Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys :: The Shopping Guide

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Pro Mom Tips for Stuffing Your Boy’s Stocking (Without Breaking the Bank)

Buying stocking stuffers for girls is different than buying for boys. For starters, girls will actually tell you what they want. And whoever said that boys don’t have expensive taste probably didn’t live in the 21st century!

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Here are my best tips for filling the dude’s stockings with stuff you can actually afford:

Go ahead + ask!

It’s worth a shot, right? I’ll even give you a printable wish list to give to your man cub.

Pay attention.

What does your son talk about? Listen to? Watch? Eat? Those are all clues! A lot of what I included in this shopping guide are ideas based on simply observing my sons’ habits.

Earn cash back.

Any time I shop online I always use cash back sites. Mr. Rebates + Honey are my favorite cash back sites.

Shop small.

I keep an eye out for travel-size personal products (like this), pocket-size games, notebooks, etc. Smaller items fit easily inside stockings + typically cost less than full size items.

Think $5 or less.

I splurge on a few higher priced items, but most of what goes into my kids’ stockings costs $5 or less. Keep that in mind as you’re browsing my stocking stuffer shopping guide- I don’t buy everything on the list!

Buy in bulk + split it.

If you’re buying for more than one guy, this works out so well! Buy a pack of mini flashlights, and slip one (or two) into each boys’ stocking (girls will like them, too). A 3-pack of Man Bars from the San Francisco Soap Company is another great pack to split (think: husband, dad, etc).

Reuse stockings every year.

This may seem like a no brainer, but it definitely cuts out extra spending. And kids look forward to seeing “their” stocking every year at Christmas time. (If you need a little something to personalize your stockings, check out these cute wooden name tags.)

Here’s that link list.

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30 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Guys

  1. Mini Leather Notebook Set
  2. Sunflower Seeds
  3. Mini Nutella Packs
  4. Camping Utensil Gadget
  5. Avengers Mad Libs
  6. Dog Tags
  7. Multi Tool
  8. Takis
  9. Slouchy Beanie
  10. Minecraft Uno Cards
  11. “If You Can Read This…” Socks
  12. Mini Flashlight
  13. Sneaker Balls
  14. Lip Balm
  15. Camo Playing Cards
  16. Thumbs Up Phone Holder
  17. Guitar Picks
  18. Fidget Cube
  19. Gamer Novelty Socks
  20. Maze Money Holder
  21. Amazon Gift Card
  22. Beef Jerky
  23. Mini Reading Light
  24. Mini Back Scratchers
  25. Man Bar
  26. Mini Brain Teaser Games
  27. Harry’s Deodorant
  28. Life Skills for Teens book
  29. Altoids
  30. Mechanical Pencils

Before you go…

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Your turn.

Would your teenage son like anything on my list?

I’d love to hear your stocking stuffer ideas for teenage guys! xo

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