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The Ultimate Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Effortless, Feminine Style

This post: My 40-piece summer capsule (& a printable checklist).

Looking for inspiration for a feminine summer wardrobe? Today I’m sharing a peek at my 40-piece summer capsule (plus a FREE printable checklist to help you curate your own).

Summer Capsule Quick Reads

Why I have a Capsule Wardrobe

I have pretty limited closet space, so I curated a small summer capsule to maximize my outfits without taking up tons of room.

Why 40 Pieces

I’m not QUITE a minimalist. But I do have just 40 items hanging on my clothes rack. This doesn’t include my shoes, swim wear, workout clothes, pajamas, etc.; but it does account for pretty much everything else I wear.

What’s Unique About THIS Capsule

My 2024 summer capsule features lots of pink, white, blue, & black; floral prints & stripes; linen & cotton blends; rompers, summer dresses, feminine shorts, & smocked tops. I love a mix of preppy, romantic, soft, bold, & classy. (My fashion icon is Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton).

How I Wear My Summer Capsule

In short, over & over. I mix & match nearly everything to create LOTS of outfits – & I’ll wear many of these pieces long into the fall season, too.

Brands I Love

You’ll see lots of brands on REPEAT: JCrew; Loft & Ann Taylor; Kate Spade; Banana Republic; Old Navy; H&M; & Other Stories; & a few select pieces from Sarah Flint.

Where I Shop

I shop Outlets > Clearance > Consignment shops > Thrift stores

I have expensive tastes, but a modest budget! That means dressing well (without over-spending) has become a GAME for me.

How to Explore My Summer Capsule

  1. Simply tap or click an IMAGE below for details on any item.
  2. Each item is either EXACT, or something very similar, to what I own. (Some exact pieces are no longer in stock, in which case I linked to a similar style.)
  3. For a linked list, click here.
  4. You can also download the free LTK app to shop my closet.
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Feminine SUmmer Capsule

Click the links below to view details about each item.

Casual Summer Tees

Casual Bottoms

Summer Blouses

Dressy Pants/Trousers

Summer Dresses & Rompers

Pajamas & Essentials



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Tell me

Have you ever curated a summer capsule? If not, what’s your biggest challenge in getting started?

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  1. What a gorgeous capsule! Especially loving the pointed flats, the t-shirts, and the dresses Also love the colors you chose as I often see capsules in earth tones, and like you clear bright colors work better for me. Xo Nipa

    1. Thank you, Nipa! Yes – knowing what works with your complexion gives you so much freedom in choosing colors & tones when building a wardrobe. As much as I admire beautiful, more natural earth tones, I can’t wear most of them. I have to stick with bolder jewel tones!