3 Good Reasons I’m Not a Food Purist (and what I do instead)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Have you noticed?  Everyone seems to be hustling to find that perfect diet for the New Year. My social media feeds are FULL of inspiring- and downright overwhelming– ideas for eating healthier, feeling better, and looking amazing in 2019.  I’m right there with the rest of them: I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my … Read more

Stocking a Whole Foods Pantry {a peek at my mostly healthy, gluten-free food}

Reading Time: 5 minutes My pantry “overhaul” began in 2007, when I first began learning about healthy food. A few years later, after the birth of our fourth child in 2010, my pantry was overhauled again when we had to drastically change our diet for the sake of our family’s gluten allergies. My journey in discovering a whole foods diet that is balanced, … Read more

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