2 Easy Things To Do Instead of Not Adulting Today

2 Things You Can Do Instead of "Not Adulting" Today | Kristy's Cottage blog

Reading Time: 5 minutes I feel a little concerned about a phrase that seems to be everywhere:  On social media memes. Plastered on tee shirts. Featured in gold letters on our favorite coffee mug. Maybe you’ve seen it too?  It’s kind of a catchy phrase, and it simply states, I can’t adult today.” That’s it. I can’t adult today. … Read more

The Habit of Direct Communication

The Habit of Direct Communication | More Producitive You, KristysCottage.com

Reading Time: 6 minutes What’s worse than not liking someone else’s opinions or expectations?  I’d say being in the dark about where you stand with that person, because they can’t be- or just won’t be– “up front” with you. Today, we’re going to wrap up the “productive habits” we’ve been exploring with one last really good habit that every … Read more

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