Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child

Homeschooling the Strong Willed Child | Kristy's Cottage blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes I Once tucked an idea for an article into my drafts folder: Homeschooling the Difficult Child.  At the time, I was going through such a struggle homeschooling our Go To Daughter that I didn’t really feel I  had anything worth while to say on the subject.  I just knew that someday I wanted to write about … Read more

Why We Don’t Homeschool Through the Holidays

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi there, friends! I have been busy here on the home front… Christmas is sneaking up on me faster then ever this year! One thing I haven’t been busy doing this holiday season is homeschooling.  Not, we aren’t playing hooky.  🙂 A few years ago, our family tweaked our yearly school schedule and switched to … Read more

Homeschooling Day by Day

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve ever wished for a homeschooling manual- or better yet, a mentor- I think you’ll love Homeschooling Day by Day!    Buy the ebook for just $4.99  Get it for the Kindle on Amazon. This ebook is the collaborate work of eleven mothers who, like you, are in the trenches raising and educating their children … Read more

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