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Taking Herbs During Pregnancy

Taking Herbs During Pregnancy | Kristy's Cottage blog

Wondering about the safety of taking herbs during pregnancy?

Herbs are a wonderful source of health, nutrition, prevention and cure before, during and after pregnancy.

However, knowledge is power when it comes to know which herbs to avoid when you’re pregnant, and which herbs are most beneficial.

Although it is by no means exhaustive, I’ve found the following list to be very helpful regarding herbs to take and avoid during pregnancy.

I gained this information through extensive reading over the years-

be sure to check out my recommended books for pregnant mamas at the end of this post-

and from the personal coaching my midwife provided through my last three pregnancies.

I hope the information here equips you in your own quest for knowledge during this precious season of nurturing life.

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Taking Herbs During Pregnancy | Kristy's Cottage blog

Herbs to Use During Pregnancy

Red Raspberry Leaf- an all-around uterine tonic.

It is anti-abortive to prevent miscarriage, antiseptic to help prevent infection, astringent to tighten tissue, rich in calcium, magnesium and iron.

It is hemostatic to prevent excess bleeding during and after labor and facilitates the birth process by stimulating contractions.

Spearmint– wonderful for aiding digestion, soothing the stomach, and calming nausea.

Spearmint is slightly sweeter than peppermint, and may aid in supporting the circulatory system.

Nettles– high in vitamin K to guard against excessive bleeding. Improves kidney function.

My favorite way to take herbs is in a refreshing tea!

—> Try this loose-leaf Bee Ready Mama tea, which contains all three of these nutrient-rich herbs (plus others): red raspberry, spearmint, and nettles.

Bee Ready Mama Herbal Tea | Taking Herbs During Pregnancy @ Kristy's Cottage blog

Ginger Root– excellent for morning sickness; lots of minerals.

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—> Try this deliciously spicy and soothing Organic Ginger Tea.

Bilberry- a strong but gentle astringent, rich in bioflavonoids to fortify vein and capillary support.

—> The liquid supplement, SuperMom 2 Bee, contains bilberry, along with many whole-foods sourced herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Yellow Dock– improves iron assimilation; helps prevent infant jaundice; also good for liver support and relief of pregnancy constipation.

—> I used this yellow dock supplement during my pregnancies.

—> Here is a liquid yellow dock tincture, if you find capsules difficult to swallow.

Echinacea– an immune system stimulant to help prevents colds, flus and infections.

—> Try this soothing organic tea, which contains both echinacea and spearmint.

Chamomile– relaxes for quality sleep and helps digestive and bowel problems.

—> This gentle chamomile tea is lovely at bedtime, or sprinkle a cup of dried chamomile flowers into a hot herbal bath before bed.

—> For tension and stress support, try applying this chamomile essential oil roller ball on the abdomen, head, neck or feet.

Herbs To Aid Labor

Take these only during the last five weeks of pregnancy:

-Back Cohosh


-Dong Quai

-Butcher’s Broom

—> This combination- plus red raspberry- is available in capsule form through Nature’s Sunshine. In your local health food stores, look for the “5W” labor support.

Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Cascara Sagrada– too strong a laxative; can cause cramping.
  • Comfrey– alkaloid content (carcinogen) cannot be regulated or controlled for an absolutely safe source.
  • Golden Seal– can cause uterine contractions.
  • Horseradish– too strong.

Books on Natural Care and Herbs During Pregnancy:

The following books and resources were my go to library for health and wellness during pregnancy:

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-Making Babies: Pregnancy and Birth the Natural Way, by Shoshanna Easling

Unfortunately, this book and DVD set are no longer being published.
However!  If you can get your hands on a set, I highly recommend it.

—> Making Babies is available from various sellers on Amazon.

-The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy,
by Shonda Parker

This is another information-rich book that needs to be brought to life and updated by the author. I referred to this book many times as a pregnant mom.

—> You can generally find used copies of The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy on Amazon.

Herbal Healing For Women, by Rosemary Gladstar

This volume includes simple and safe herbal remedies and information for women of all ages of life.

—> You find find Herbal Healing for Women on Amazon for the Kindle, as well as in paperback and spiral-bound form.




Thanks for reading here, Mama.

I hope this post has been informative.

If you’re searching for health solutions or just trying to educate yourself on the world of healthy pregnancy, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse my archives and new posts:

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Blessings on your pregnancy and birth, sweet friend.

Here’s to living & loving well-



Taking Herbs During Pregnancy | Kristy's Cottage blog

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  1. Yes, I do take most all of my herbs in capsule form. (I also make medicinal herbal tinctures from loose herbs, but those are mainly for sickness.) From what I understand, liquid vitamins and herbs absorb into the bloodstream much faster than capsules or tablets; but pretty much any form (teas, liquids, tablets) should be helpful!

    Our first daughter was VERY jaundice, as well… thankfully, our second baby was only slightly so. I’m not sure which other herbs in particular are good for jaundice- any that cleanse the mother’s liver will help prevent infant jaundice, from what I understand (your MW will definitely know more about it, I’m sure!) “The How To Herb Book” recommends the following remedies to clear up jaundice in an infant: squirt 100 IU of vitamin E into a jaundiced newborn’s mouth; give lemon water (with molasses to sweeten it); apply a potato pack over the liver area; or administer a garlic enema. I have never tried any of these methods, though, so I can’t recommend them from personal experience. ~Kristy

  2. Do you take all your herbs in capsule form (other than the Mama’s tea from Bulk Herb)? Maggie was very jaundice and I want to try to take some preventative measures with the new baby. I see that Yellow Dock is and I know Dandelion is good for jaundice. My midwife recommends a tincture of nettles and dandelion (seperate) but I can’t stomach it even diluted added in with broth or something. I am wondering if I can just take them in capsule form and get the same benefits or if it loses it’s potency. I have my next MW appt next week so I guess I could ask then but I thought I would ask you now. : )