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The BEST Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling (+ How To Get Started)

This post: Wondering where to find the best coconut oil for oil pulling? Here’s what to look for in a brand, plus simple tips for getting started.

I started oil pulling about six years ago. I’ve tried a variety of coconut oils + landed on two exceptionally great brands that I can whole heartedly recommend.

However – this article is more than a review of brands I like. I want to show you what to look for in finding the best coconut oil for oil pulling- as well as some helpful tips for getting started.

Curious about this healthy habit of oil pulling?

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4 Things To Look For

Coconut oil isn’t the only oil you can use for oil pulling. In fact, pretty much any oil will work: sesame seed oil, neem oil, coconut oil + even olive oil. I choose coconut oil because of its many health benefits, and because it’s so widely available in the United States.

When choosing your oil for pulling, here are four important things to look for:

1. Make sure it’s an organic oil. For an oil to be Certified Organic, it has to be certified by a third party that it is free of conventional pesticides + other byproducts. (This implies that the farmers who grew the plants for the oil didn’t use pesticides or genetically modified agents.) Using an organic oil is important because it ensures that you’re getting the purest + highest quality oil. (I mean, you’re putting it in your mouth, right? Go for the highest quality you can find + afford.)

2. Make sure it’s virgin oil. The term “virgin oil” refers to the process by which the oil is harvested + refined – or, in this case, unrefined. Simply put, virgin oil is purecoldpressed oil that has not been refined.

Benefits of virgin oils (versus refined oils) include:

  • better taste + aroma
  • contain higher amounts of vitamins
  • high in antioxidants
  • rich in medium chain fatty acids

3. If it contains peppermint oil, that’s a huge plus. I’ve oil pulled with + without peppermint oil, and much prefer the experience with. Not only does it leave a fresh aftertaste in your mouth, peppermint oil is known for it’s anti inflammatory + antimicrobial properties. It’s just a great addition to your daily mouth care routine!

4. An oil that stays in liquid form is easier to use. Most coconut oil products will melt (become liquid) in a warm climate, and then turn into a solid state in colder temperatures. For oil pulling, it’s much easier if the product doesn’t turn hard during the winter. One of the coconut oil brands I’m going to tell you about stays in a liquid form, and the other doesn’t. You choose which you prefer.

Now let’s take a look at two oil pulling brands:

The Best Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling: Skinny & Co

Skinny + Co is the first coconut oil I used for oil pulling – I’d likely still be using it, if not for one reason (which I’ll tell you about in a minute).

Here’s what I loved about this brand – and why I say it’s one of the best coconut oils for oil pulling:

As a family owned business, Skinny + Co doesn’t skimp on quality or purity. Their coconut oil is completely free of chemicals, made from the fewest ingredients possible, handmade in small batches, sustainably made + packaged in glass jars. It’s organic, virgin coconut oil – with peppermint. xo The oil doesn’t stay in a liquid state. During the winter, I always had to “chip” out a spoonful of oil from the jar + let it melt in my mouth so I could swish, or pull the oil. Not my favorite thing… but I made it work.

I used Skinny & Co’s peppermint-infused coconut oil for several years. (I was a big fan of their coconut oil based beauty products, too.)

The reason I quit using it? Sadly, Skinny & Co no longer keeps most of their products in stock. Their oil pulling coconut oil just kind of disappeared off the website, and it’s been nearly two years since I’ve seen most of their products available online. I’ve reached out to the customer support several times, with no response. Eventually, I moved on to find another oil pulling brand.

Skinny + Co coconut oil
Skinny & Co coconut oil

The Best Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling: Terra & Co

After Skinny & Co just kind of disappeared, I started searching for another coconut oil for oil pulling. Finding a replacement was much harder than I thought it would be! Most coconut oil brands I tried were mediocre – when it comes to oil pulling, anyway. They left a bad taste in my mouth (literally), didn’t produce any results after months of using, or just tasted disgusting. (eeew)

Eventually, I stumbled upon a product called Gentle Green Oil Pulling, by Terra & Co. I finally found a winner on my quest for the best coconut oil for oil pulling. I love this oil!

This product is actually more of a rinse than most traditional oil pulling products, and I’ve found that it’s easier to use + just as effective.

Like Skinny & Co, Terra & Co is a family-owned (two sisters), green company that prides itself in sustainability, glass packaging, and creation of high quality, toxic-free oral health products.

Unlike other brands I’ve tried, Terra & Co’s oil pulling rinse is comprised of a mixture of high quality oils – neem oil, hemp oil, moringa oil, coconut oil + other beneficial ingredients. It does include peppermint oil + this rinse stays in liquid form.

Two other things that make Gentle Green oil pulling rinse unique: effective swishing or “pulling” takes less than five minutes (compared to up to 20 minutes) + there’s no need to rinse with warm, salt water after pulling. Read more about that here.

What's the best oil to use for oil pulling?
Terra & Co oil pulling rinse

Yet another perk: Terra & Co has an amazon store! FREE shipping + quick delivery (for Amazon Prime members) is the obvious plus for ordering from Amazon – and the products are priced the same as the brand’s website.

If you do prefer to shop the brand’s site, enter my promo code at checkout to save 15%.

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So let’s talk about getting starting on the oil pulling train.

Oil Pulling: Simple Tips For Getting Started

  1. Don’t complicate things. As I already shared, there’s really not a “wrong” oil to use for oil pulling. Look for an organic, virgin oil + then give it a try.
  2. Buy a wooden spoon for oil pulling. That probably sounds so weird, but I’m talking about a mini wooden spoon, like this one. (If you’re using the Gentle Green rinse, you can just use the cap instead of a spoon.)
  3. Keep your oil in an easy to use place. My oil pulling rinse lives in my bathroom vanity. I don’t even have to think about grabbing it + getting started on oil pulling every morning.
  4. Commit to first thing in the morning. Oil pulling is most beneficial when done first thing upon rising. Do it right away, before you start your morning coffee, take your supplements, brush your teeth, etc.
  5. Start small. When I first started oil pulling, I hated the sensation of oil in my mouth – in fact, it made me gag! Although most everything I read recommended pulling for 20 minutes a day, I could only handle about five minutes. So start with 5 minutes. You can always add more time to your routine. (If you’re using the Gentle Green rinse, the recommended “swishing” time is actually less than five minutes.)
  6. Stick with it. Oil pulling has some great health benefits, but they don’t happen overnight. Or even in a week. It took several months – and even years – to start seeing some of the results I’ve had with oil pulling. Commit to finishing a jar or bottle of oil pulling product before you call it quits.

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  1. Is there any other pure coconut oil you recommend that is just coconut oil? Not mixed with other things? I’m pretty sensitive to stuff and haven’t been able to find another clean brand since skinny and co stopped.

    1. Hi Chase. For oil pulling specifically, no, I haven’t. For a high quality, organic coconut oil product, I recommend Nutiva. However, the brand isn’t necessarily marketed for cosmetic use – it’s more of a baking product. But it’s just straight, pure coconut oil, so you could definitely use it for oil pulling. I’ve used it as a face moisturizer and makeup remover.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I tired oil pulling for a while, but struggled to keep it up. I never thought about using one with mint to make it more pleasant! Xo Nipa

    1. I definitely prefer oil pulling using a product with peppermint oil! Makes all the difference for me.