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The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids {100+ books!}

What is it about summer?

Something-it almost feels tangible-compels me to immerse myself and my kids in books, book, BOOKS!

With year-round homeschooling, our summer is as busy (if not busier) than any other season of the year… and yet I conjure up these irrational visions of my children lounging around the living room on hot summer days, sipping on cold smoothies and indulging in good books!

Well, our life doesn’t look quite like that.

Okay, not even in the least bit like that.

But I get ridiculously excited about piles of books on the table, my summer reading list for kids, and the annual reading club at our local library.

If you’re looking for wholesome, fun, and just plain wonderful reading material for your kids, here’s my “ultimate” summer reading list.

I compiled a list similar to this last year (80+ books to read to your kids this summer), and this year I added quite a few new favorites.

These are titles you could pull off our personal book shelves, or find in my Amazon shopping cart!

The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids | Kristy's Cottage blog

just for fun

character & faith


history & educational

Chapter Read Alouds

These books are great for reading during family devotions, or for older kids to read on their own.

What books would add to this list?

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