Don’t Buy Another Winter Nursing Dress Until You Read These 3 Tips!

This post: How to shop for + style a winter nursing dress – 3 hacks every pregnant + breastfeeding mom needs to know.

I have always loved dresses. But they aren’t really on good terms with maternity + nursing – especially in the winter, when the last thing a woman wants is more bulk.

I’m going to show you how to choose + style a winter nursing dress – without all the bulk + frump. 

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn in this post:

How To Layer (Bulk-Free)

This is my biggest hack for layering in general, but especially for nursing or pregnant moms.

>>> Halftees!

These camis (which are exactly what they sound like, half-a-tee) are an insanely easy way to layer. There is ZERO bulk, which is a HUGE win for moms!

Best layering cami for a winter nursing dress.
The HalfTee

The really good news? Halftees aren’t expensive. They cost anywhere from $18 to $28 a piece, and you can buy them even cheaper during sales.

In fact, I have a coupon code that never expires – use it as often as you like!

>>> Save 20% with promo code: KristyLynn20 <<<

Not familiar with the HalfTee brand?

Check out my post: How I Found the Best Maternity Camisole (+ Basically Doubled My Nursing Wardrobe).

The ONE THING To Look for

Here’s another golden tip, and this one will extend your wardrobe like crazy:

Always, always opt for a wrapfront dress.

Whether you’re wearing your maternity clothes for a bit longer, or you’re working your way back into your pre-pregnancy clothes, a wrap-front dress is completely nursing friendly. (The same goes for tops + blouses, of course).

Button-front dresses work well for nursing, too; but a wrap-front style is just easier!

What NOT To Wear With Your Nursing Dress

I can’t say it enough: bulk is the last thing a nursing or pregnant mom wants. So how do you stay warm + stylish when you’re nursing a baby through the winter months?

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Here are my best tips for layering + styling smart.

Don’t wear:


Leggings can feel bulky + cumbersome, especially with a post partum tummy to deal with. To add some warmth but minimize extra bulk, opt for tights instead. Tights are less bulky, pair well with dresses, + tend to hold your tummy in better, too.

Full-length tank tops.

Full-length tanks + camis were the bane of my existence as a breastfeeding mom. Any time you need some extra coverage for your winter nursing dress, simply wear a HalfTee. It’s an instant solution with zero bulk.


Scarves were trending back when I was nursing my babies, but I quickly learned that I hated feeling all tangled up in them! If you want to style a scarf with your winter nursing dress, wear it (+ take it off) with your coat.

Chunky material.

A lot of winter clothing is necessarily thick + chunky. To stay warm in the winter, but avoid extra bulk on your person, opt for fabrics such as wool, cashmere, brushed knit; material that is ribbed; or look for dresses that are fully lined.

And now here are some winter nursing dresses that tick all the boxes:

5 Winter Nursing Dresses for Under $100

  1. Sweater Dress

The classic sweater dress definitely isn’t off limits to nursing + pregnant moms! This sweater dress is a trendy maternity style, that easily transforms into the perfect winter nursing dress. It’s available in lovely burgundy (shown), pink, green, black, and grey.

Want a longer hem + more relaxed fit? Here’s a second option.

2. Ribbed Midi

This ribbed midi isn’t quite as heavy as a sweater dress – but it will still keep you warm + stylish! The button-down front makes it easily accessible for breastfeeding. Available in beige (shown), camel, and black.

3. Ruched Dress

I learned early on that the “ruched” dress was my friend! I still love this flattering style, but was especially fond of it when I was pregnant or breastfeeding.

This ruched, winter nursing dress in black will not disappoint! (Go ahead + check out that gold coin layering necklace, too!)

4. Every Day Maxi

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If you prefer maxis over minis or midis, here’s a lovely piece for your winter wardrobe. This maxi dress is ideal for either pregnancy or nursing, and is available in olive green (shown), grey, black, burgundy, and floral prints .

5. Formal Winter Nursing Dress

If you need something special for a formal, winter event, here’s a nursing-friendly gown that’s sure to please. This Chiffon Long Sleeve Maxi dress is available in a rainbow of colors, including fushia (shown), blue, yellow, red, light blue, mint green, mauve, magenta, lavender, purple, and light pink.

Kristy’s Winter Boutique

This post is not sponsored by Pink Blush nor HalfTee. I am a HalfTee ambassador and this post does contain affiliate links to products I love and recommend.  Thanks for supporting this website!

Your turn.

How do you keep breastfeeding + fashion on good terms? Do you have a favorite winter nursing dress to recommend?

P.S. Thanks a million for sharing this post!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Another Winter Nursing Dress Until You Read These 3 Tips!”

  1. I never thought of wearing a wrap maxi dress while nursing. My sister-in-law recently found out that she is expecting her first baby and is hoping to be able to nurse. I will have to keep these dresses in mind for her after the baby comes.

    • Oh, I hope she loves them! This expands your post-pregnancy wardrobe SO much!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. xoxo

  2. I don’t have many maxi dresses but did find some at Walmart, of all places, that I can nurse in! I got a larger size so it wouldn’t be tight and have to slip my arm out of one side. It’s just a bit more complicated, but with half tees, it’s not too hard at all!

    I love the “boyfriend” length sleeve as well, but I wish they had one that is in between the boyfriend and the cap sleeve. I’m so picky. 😉

  3. Great post! I just had a baby and feel like I’m constantly in a state of undress while wearing maxis due to nursing. I had heard of half tees before, but never this actual brand. The ones I’ve seen were very expensive, so this seems like a much better option. Thanks for sharing!


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