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52 Email Marketing Content Ideas for Any Niche

This post: Email marketing content ideas for an entire year.

Email marketing experts recommend sending at least ONE quality email to your email list EVERY WEEK.

If that feels a bit overwhelming, I’ve got you.

Here are 52 email marketing content ideas – that’s enough for ONE email every week for an entire year.

These ideas are more like a template, which means you can tweak & personalize them for any niche or audience. Many of them can be used throughout the year, so this list will cover much more than a year of content.

Want a printable version of this list? Grab yours here.

52 Email Marketing Content Ideas

  1. Introduction: Share a bit about yourself or your business & what subscribers can expect from your emails.
  2. Weekly Recap: Highlight key events or updates from the past week. (If you’re a blogger, this can be a new post on the blog. If you’re a photographer, share a recent photo shoot. Etsy shop owners, share about a promo or a new product.)
  3. Tip of the Week: Provide a helpful tip related to your niche.
  4. Product/Service Spotlight: Showcase a specific product or service & how it can benefit your audience.
  5. Behind the Scenes: Offer a glimpse into your creative process or business operations. (I personally love getting a peek behind the scenes from my favorite creatives.)
  6. User-Generated Content Showcase: Share content created by your audience, such as testimonials or reviews. Don’t have any yet? Reach out to your customers (or supportive friends & family) & ask for a testimonial or review.
  7. FAQs: Address common questions from your customers, or potential customers if you’re just starting out. (If no one has asked anything yet, what questions were you asking six months or a year ago?)
  8. Industry News: Share relevant news or trends in your industry. (This helps establish you as an authority in your niche.)
  9. How-to Guide: Provide step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a task related to your niche. Don’t assume that others know what you know! Always assume your ideal customer is a beginner.
  10. Curated Playlist: Create a curated playlist tailored to your niche or audience’s interests (fitness, homemaking, creatives, travel, etc).
  11. Resource Roundup: Curate a list of helpful resources (articles, tools, videos, recipes) for your audience. Don’t be afraid to share helpful tips & content from your competitors. There’s room for everyone to win, so share generously.
  12. Weekly Inspiration: Provide subscribers with motivational quotes, stories, or anecdotes to inspire them for the week ahead.
  13. Q & A Session: Invite subscribers to submit questions for you to answer in the next email.
  14. Product Review: What are you using that you love? Write a review (use affiliate links, if possible) & share it with your email readers.
  15. Book Review: What have you read recently that inspired or educated you in your niche? Share that with your audience so they can read it, too.
  16. Product Comparison: Compare different products or solutions within your niche.
  17. Expert Interview: Interview a thought leader or expert in your field. This is a great way to network & learn from people who are a few steps ahead.
  18. Favorite Things Roundup: You can do this seasonally, or even once-a-month. Share your favorite niche-related products in a fun roundup with your readers (and don’t forget to use those affiliate links).
  19. Mistakes to Avoid: Warn subscribers about common pitfalls & how to avoid them. Be honest about the mistakes you’ve made! People will relate to & appreciate your authenticity.
  20. A Day in the Life: Invite your readers into a typical (or totally unusual) day in your life as a creative or business owner.
  21. Customer Success Story: Tell a story about how your product or service solved a problem for a customer. If you’re brand new & don’t have testimonies yet, share your own experience and how you got from A to Z in your industry.
  22. Podcast/Movie/Article Recommendation: Share something you’ve found valuable & why.
  23. Upcoming Events: Promote any events, webinars, or conferences you’re hosting or attending. If your niche is local, share local events.
  24. Spotlight on a Business: Feature another business in your area or industry. Again, there’s enough success to go around! Keep a generous posture regarding your competition.
  25. Inspiration/Motivation: Share quotes, stories, or anecdotes to inspire your audience. Create beautiful quote graphics in Canva.
  26. Product Update: Inform subscribers about any updates or improvements to your product or service.
  27. Interactive Challenge: Challenge subscribers to complete a task or activity related to your niche. (e.g. spring cleaning challenge, menu planning challenge, get dressed every day challenge)
  28. Customer Loyalty Program: Introduce or highlight your loyalty program & its benefits. Don’t have a loyalty program? Share one within your niche that you use. (Plug in those affiliate or referral links.)
  29. Monthly Goals Review: Reflect on your goals from the previous month & set new ones. Ask about your reader’s goals.
  30. Guest Post: Feature a guest writer or contributor in your email.
  31. Tricks of the Trade: Share helpful hacks, tips, or “tricks” for your niche.
  32. Holiday/Seasonal Promotion: Offer special deals or promotions for upcoming holidays or seasons. (Do this throughout the year.)
  33. Top 10 Lists: Create a list of top resources, tools, tips, etc., relevant to your niche. (Affiliate links!)
  34. Infographic: Share visually engaging content such as infographics or diagrams. You can create these for free in Canva.
  35. Template: Create a template your readers can edit & use to problem-solve an issue within your niche. You can create your own template, or find one to edit for your audience, for free in Canva.
  36. Checklist: Create a helpful checklist to help your ideal customers reach a goal, track habits, or be more effective/productive. You can create printable checklists in Canva.
  37. Product Demo/Tutorial: Provide a walkthrough or demonstration of your product or service. Never assume readers know how to use what you sell or promote.
  38. Customer Appreciation: Thank your subscribers for their support & loyalty!
  39. Charity/Community Involvement: Do any of your business proceeds go to charity? Do you support a missionary or local non-profit? Share how your business is giving back to the community or supporting a cause.
  40. Ebook or Guide: Promote a free ebook or guide related to your niche. Don’t have one yet? You can create your own ebook or guide in Canva. (Not sure how? Simply Passive digital course will take you on a beginner-friendly deep dive into how to create & market digital products.)
  41. Productivity Tips: Offer advice on how to be more productive or efficient, or how your products will help readers be more productive/efficient.
  42. Fun Facts or Trivia: Share interesting facts or trivia related to your niche.
  43. Recipe of the Week: Share a recipe (if applicable to your niche) & any relevant tips. If a recipe doesn’t fit your audience, how about a DIY, tutorial, or simple how-to guide?
  44. Testimonial Tuesday: Share a customer testimonial each Tuesday to build social proof. (This is a great content idea for social media posts or stories, too.)
  45. Weekly Challenge: Propose a challenge for subscribers to complete by the next email.
  46. Discount Code/Giveaway: Offer exclusive discounts or host a giveaway for subscribers.
  47. How I Got from A to Z: Share a peek into your own journey, and how you over a specific struggle within your niche.
  48. Storytelling: Share a personal or client success story that resonates with your audience.
  49. Sneak Peek: Offer a sneak peek of upcoming products, features, or content.
  50. Ask Me Anything (AMA): Invite subscribers to ask you anything, & dedicate an email to answering their questions. If you don’t get any questions, brainstorm three to five questions about your niche & tackle those.
  51. Customer Satisfaction Survey: Encourage subscribers to participate in a satisfaction survey to gather feedback & improve your offerings. This is a great way to end or begin a year.
  52. Year in Review: Reflect on the past year’s achievements, challenges, & goals for the upcoming year.
52 Email Marketing Content Ideas for Any Niche | Simply Kristy Lynn

Want a printable version of this list? Grab yours below.


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