Hey, friend!

I know you don’t want to hang around a SAHM-turned-small-business-coach that you know nothing about. So here it is:

What I Do

Raise kids (x5). Homeschool kids. Tutor language arts. Write emails for a local online magazine. Binge podcasts. Read books. Write more stuff. Repeat.

What You Can Do Here

You can have me help you. My expertise is all things branding.

  • Curating feminine color palettes, fonts, & brand kits
  • Helping you pick out a stunning WordPress theme
  • Perfecting your copy (words!)
  • Finding & filling the gaps in your online presence
  • Leveling up your business skills & confidence
  • Walking with you through the entire process

You can DIY. Don’t really want to hire me to do things for you? (I get it. I tend to be a do-it-yourself-gal, too.) Check out my Education Suite & dive into the very digital courses that taught me how to build a successful online business.
(Warning: you’ll become a pro at your passion!)

Master Your Online Presence : The Ultimate Checklist
Master Your Online Presence : The Ultimate Checklist

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The Essential Checklist

This mini guide outlines everything you need to build a compelling, unforgettable online presence for your business or service.

While you’re here

Take a Look Around

There’s a lot to learn here!

My coaching program includes FREE access to tutorials, how to’s, guides, & tons of information you need to know about building & running a successful online business.

I truly believe that you are the pro when it comes to your passion. All you need is a guide!