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20 Legit Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home-Moms

This post: business ideas for stay at home moms

I have been a working stay-at-home-mom for two decades now. I’ve made everything from pocket change selling homemade granola & jelly, to six-figures with an online marketing gig.

If you want to work from home, rest assured it can be done.

What you’ll need: Lots of motivation, a willingness to learn, & legitimate business ideas for stay-at-home-moms.

I’ve got 20 business ideas for you. I’ve done a lot of them, & personally know moms who have done all of them. (Not all at once, of course, although you can definitely combine many of these business ideas.)

These ideas can be hobbies that pay, sidegigs, or Momprenuer-size businesses.

How far you want to take it, & how much money you want to make, is entirely up to you.

Just know before you start:

  • It will take effort & time.
  • You can do it!

Before we dive into business ideas for stay at-home-moms, there are two resources I want to mention.

I believe that investing in your skill set is important, so don’t skip this!

Here’s a FREE online course I create for moms who want to work from home. It covers everything from money mindsets & life-work balance to crafting a resume as a SAHM and where to find flexible jobs that pay. Get access now, or more details here.

Roadmap 2.0 :: This is more like an online college course. It’s self-paced, but contains nearly 30 modules (with more being added); a huge, active online community; and covers all the basics (& not-so-basics) of starting, building, & growing a thriving business from home.

I’m currently working through Roadmap 2.0 & highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to invest some time & money into building a serious business from home.

Oh, and did I mention that this course comes with master resell rights? (That means you can sell it to your customers too, if it fits your niche.) This business course is an investment, but worth it’s weight in gold.

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Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home-Moms

Okay, let’s get started!

Keep reading, or go directly to an idea:

  1. Airbnb Hostess
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Beauty Consultant
  4. Blogger or Content Creator
  5. Childcare Service
  6. Coach or Tutor
  7. Copywriter
  8. Digital Creator
  9. Etsy Seller
  10. Health Coach
  11. Housecleaning Service
  12. Life Coach
  13. Online Marketer
  14. Online Proofreader
  15. Party Princess
  16. Photographer
  17. Poshmark Seller
  18. Tinkergarten Teacher
  19. VIP Teacher
  20. Virtual Assistance (VA)
17 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home-Moms | Simply Kristy Lynn

1) Affiliate Marketing

The global affiliate marketing industry is expected to increase by 63% in the next four years. (source: Authority Hacker) If you enjoy online platforms, like social media, email marketing, or blogging, affiliate marketing might be a good fit for you.

I’m still learning how to optimize earnings as an affiliate, but I’ve enjoyed the extra income from some of my favorite affiliate programs over the years.

Any (or all) of these affiliate programs would make great business ideas for stay-at-home-moms:

  1. Become a HalfTee Affiliate
  2. Become an LTK Creator
  3. Become an Amazon Affiliate
  4. Become a Zulily Affliate
  5. Become an Etsy Affiliate
  6. Become a Trim Healthy Mama Affiliate

Online marketing is covered in depth in Roadmap 2.0.

2) Airbnb Hostess

Here’s a great option if you have an extra space to rent out – although you can also make money with AirBnb without owning property, too.

Read: “How We Earn Money Listing Our Home on AirBnB,” from Katie’s Travel Tricks.

Read: “7 Ways to Make Money with Airbnb Without Owning Property,” from Money Under 30.

3) Beauty Consultant

I have several blog friends who earn from home as beauty consultants. Companies like Beauty Counter & Mary Kay have generous business opportunities. If you love beauty products & have a knack for makeup, this might be your thing!

Read: “10 Things to Know Before Becoming a Beauty Counter Consultant,” by My Well Balanced Life.

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4) Blogger or Content Creator

If you love writing & creating content, consider starting a blog.

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme & it does require hard work. But if writing & content creation is your passion, I recommend this FREE mini course, by Momprenuer & blog coach, Kelly Holmes.

If you’re wanting to go deep, blogging & email marketing are covered in depth in Roadmap 2.0.

5) Childcare Service

If you’re already staying at home with your kids & don’t mind watching someone else’s kids too, this might be a good fit for you. I have mom friends who get paid to homeschool other people’s children (generally people they know), so there’s another possibility.

If you’re interested in this sidegig idea, check out this article from Penny Hoarder: “How to Become a Babysitter.”

6) Coach or Tutor

As a mom, there’s bound to be something you’re really good at or passionate about. What do you love to do? Can you teach it?

Here are a few ideas, drawn from real life women I know & admire:

  1. Music teacher
  2. Vocal coach
  3. Math tutor
  4. Reading tutor
  5. Dance instructor
  6. SAT tutor

7) Copywriter

This is something I do part-time from home. Typically, becoming a profressional copywriter requires an English degree – but i’m living proof this isn’t always the case!

My friend, Lisa Tanner, has some great, FREE resources for learning freelancing basics.

8) Digital Creator

Are you creative? Or do you have a background in teaching or digital design? Consider creating & selling your own curriculum, printables, or other digital products.

Check out Lisa’s article: “How to Make Money with Teachers Pay Teachers as a Homeschooling Mom.”

9) Etsy Seller

Here’s another of the great business ideas for stay-at-home-moms, especially you creative mamas. Open your own Etsy shop! My cousin recently came home to homeschool her little girl, and sells her original artwork on Etsy. You can do this, too!

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this article, by My Graceful Rose: “Ultimate Guide to Etsy Selling for Busy Moms.”

10) Health Coach

A blogger & momprenuer I’ve admired for years, Erin Odom, launched her own business as a Trim Healthy Mama (THM) coach a few years ago. I have a personal friend who is a THM coach, as well. This is an amazing opportunity for you mamas who already love THM, or are interested in helping other women become healthy and/or lose weight.

Curious? Check out THM’s Coaching Certification here.
Love women’s wellness? Become a THM affiliate.

11) Housecleaning Service

Housecleaning is something I did as a side gig as a young mom. An industrious mom friend of mine, Tiffany, runs her own housecleaning service here in the Fort Worth area. Whether you want a little extra spending money or an income stream, there’s money to be made here.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Read: “How I Started a Small Cleaning Business,” by the Busy Budgeter.

12) Life Coach

Interested in counseling but don’t have time or money to get a degree? Consider investing in a life coach certification! Here are four amazing women who’ve done this, & encourage you to check them out.

  1. Claire – Etiquette Coach
  2. Mariah – Etiquette Coach
  3. Teresa – Homeschool Mom Coach
  4. Beth – Ennegram Coach

13) Online Marketer

Online marketing (MLM companies) is something I’ve dabbled in for years, & made a lot of money doing. However, this kind of marketing isn’t my thing, & I’m not actively building any MLM businesses right now. But there is good money to be made here!

I can personally recommend these MLM companies:

17 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home-Moms | Simply Kristy Lynn
  1. Thrive (Le-vel) (nutrition)
  2. Melaleuca (wellness)
  3. Usborne Books (books)
  4. Monat Global (hair products)
  5. Beauty Counter (makeup)
  6. doTerra (essential oils)

14) Online Proofreader

If you’re the type of girl who finds typos & grammatical errors everywhere, this sidegig might be for you! Don’t have an English degree? No worries. You can earn a certification as a professional proofreader through Proofread Anywhere.

I highly recommend this online course. Although I’m not a proofreader by trade, this course has helped me as a copywriter & content creator.

Check out the FREE mini course here.

15) Party Princess

This is my teenage daughter’s side gig & I can tell you the pay is good! If you have a background in acting or musical theater, and you love dressing up & entertaining kids – this is something to look into!

Opportunities will vary according to where you live, but search online for princess party companies in your area. Getting hired will likely involve submitting a resume & audition, but typically the job is flexible & pays well.

16) Photographer

Here’s another common freelance job among my creative mom friends. If you have a knack for photography & own a great camera, consider this your nudge to give it a try!

Read: “5 Ways to Make Money from Photography as a Stay-at-Home-Mom,” by Live, Snap, Love.

17) Poshmark Seller

I’ve dabbled at this, & sometimes sell items on Poshmark. If you enjoy thrifting, have an eye for hot resell items, & don’t mind taking photos & creating listings, you can make a nice stream of income doing this.

Read: “How a Normal Person Can Make Money on Poshmark,” by Laurie Loo.

Another option: consider selling items on Facebook Market.

18) Tinkergarten Teacher

Tinkergarten is a Montessori-style outdoor class that runs in eight-week sessions. As a teacher, you would facilitate organizing & hosting classes – whenever & wherever you choose. This gig actually pays pretty well, & has the potential to be a fantastic side gig for a stay-at-home-mom or homeschooler. Find out more here.

19) VIP Teacher

This is a popular job among my homeschool mom friends – teaching English online. The pay is usually quite good, but it does require a four-year degree.

A variation of this job teaching in a homeschool community. Here in the Fort Worth area, it’s common for community teachers to be paid, part time roles. This is something I’m doing in this season of life & I love it. A big perk is that I get to be in community with my kids, teach what I love (language arts), & earn an income.

20) Virtual Assistant (VA)

A VA is basically a remote secretary, & the demand for the job is certainly on the rise. If you’re organized, creative, & a good communicator & typist, you might need to consider this!

Read: “How to Become a Virtual Assistant (And Find Remote Work From Home)” from Fully Booked VA.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out these online courses for moms who want to work from home:

Investing in your skill set & mindset are two important parts of building a successful online business.

How Can I Help You Get Started?

Do you have questions about any of these business ideas for stay at home moms? About any of the online courses mentioned in this article?

I’m here to cheer & support you every step of the way. . . because I’m on this journey too! Drop me a comment or email any time you have questions, or just need support.

Want to hear from me? Opt in to my email list & I’ll send my best ideas & resources for work-from-home success your way every week.



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