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How to Get Approved as an LTK Creator :: ONE Hack to Try

This post: How I got accepted as an LTK creator without a huge online following.

So you want to get approved as an LTK Creator? I get it. The LTK platform is one of the most popular ways for creators to share shoppable links, earn income with affiliate marketing, and grow an online business.

But getting your application approved can be tricky.

I recently had a few friends reach out & ask, “How did you get approved as an LTK creator? I keep getting declined!”

At first, I didn’t think I really had a good hack to share. I mean, I applied for LTK several years ago without even knowing what a big deal it was. I didn’t even learn how to use the platform until recently.

But I shared this one, simple tip – and my friend got approved, even after being previously declined. That’s when I knew I had to share this hack with you, too!

How To Get Approved as a LTK Creator - ONE Thing to Know | Simply Kristy Lynn
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Below is my ONE tip for how to get approved as an LTK creator, even if you’ve tried before without success.

This may not work for everyone, & I’m not making any promises. But it’s simple to do & definitely worth a try!

Trying to Get Approved as an LTK Creator? Try This-

First off, STOP focusing on IG numbers. Because that isn’t it.

I know, I know. Everything you read about applying as an LTK creator stresses the importance of a strong social media presence, and a large, engaged following.

Getting declined can make you feel like your numbers (or your engagement, or your content) might be the missing ingredient.

But here’s what worked for me, & seems to work for other creatives with modest online followings.

Apply as a blogger.

That’s it.

Yes, you’ll need to have at least four months of content under your belt. And your online platforms need to look professional.

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But it seems that LTK prefers a constant online presence, like a blog, listed as your primary platform. This seems to be as, or maybe even more, important than the size of your online following.

Try this hack: Include your social media accounts (IG, FB, etc) as your secondary or third platforms – not your primary.

Applying with a blog as a primary platform seems to be an easily overlooked, but golden key to cracking the code.

For all the bloggers out there, this is really good news!

Don’t have a blog but want to get started? Check out this FREE blogging mini course, by Sticky Blogging. Highly recommend!

Are there exceptions?

Yes, I’m sure there are. After all, I’m NOT an expert.

If you’re a brand new blogger, it might still take a while to get in. (LTK requires at least four months of content on your online platform.)

But I did get accepted on LTK the first time around, long before I decided to show up with a “creator” IG account. And I’m seeing others with modest-size blogs do the same.

And believe me . . . if I can do this, you definitely can!

Maybe I Can Help You

Want me to submit a referral to LTK on your behalf?

If so, I’d be honored & happy to.

Just send me your first & last name & email. I’ll submit a request to LTK to send you a creator invitation.

Who knows, you might just get “in” as an LTK creator this time around! (Just don’t forget to list your blog as your primary platform, if you’re a blog owner.)

The really fun news: If you get accepted, we both will get a $25 reward!

Above all, don’t stop trying.

If you’ve applied & been declined, apply again. (Or let me refer you, & see if that works any magic.)

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Refusing to give up is THE most important key.

Getting access to the LTK affiliate platform could be a game changer for you in 2024, so keep trying!

Let me know if you have questions or want me to refer you.

Want to follow my LTK shop? You can do that right here. (If you’re an LTK creator or get approved, let me know & I’ll follow you back!)

Tell Me

Have you applied to LTK before? Did you get accepted?


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