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The Best Homeschool Online Courses for Math, Science, Grammar + More

This post: Homeschool online courses for just about any subject.

I was the weird kid who loved academics. As early as my elementary years, I remember stressing over making top grades. As strange as it may sound, I actually liked school. (I think it’s an INTJ female thing.)

But there were two exceptions: math and science .

As much as I adored literature, history, spelling, and grammar, I struggled so much with math and science that it almost made my high school years unbearable.  

When I started homeschooling our oldest child (who graduated in 2021), I felt an impending sense of dread about what I knew was coming (math and science). A long way off, perhaps, but looming in the future none-the-less. 

The Honest Truth

I never have mastered teaching math and science. After years and years as a home educator, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that these subjects are simply not in my wheel house. 

Obviously, my kids can’t just skip math and science because Mom doesn’t like to teach them. (Some of my kids are actually pretty amazing at these subjects.)

The solution?

Homeschool Online Courses

We’ve tried a variety of things over the years, like tutoring, classes, and online courses. So far, what’s worked best for everyone is the latter- online video courses.

In other words, I’ve learned to outsource what I’m not good at.

High School Science Classes
Homeschool online courses are a home educator’s best friend.

If you’re a home educator needing help with part of your child’s learning experience, I encourage you to consider an online video course or two.

Below are some of the best courses that equally affordable + enjoyable. Simply click on the subject to read about my favorite recommendation.

Top Homeschool Online Courses Our Family Loves


Journey Homeschool Academy has the best science video courses available. This is truly the only science curriculum I’ve ever used that I didn’t find completely dull. My kids love it too, and I don’t have to teach a thing- definitely a double win! 

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You can read about our family’s experience with JHA science courses right here, or sign up for a FREE virtual ‘Open House’ right here.

Preview all JHA’s homeschool online courses here.


Math has been a bit trickier for us to navigate, but a few years ago we discovered a curriculum that everyone (mostly) loves: Master Books. The elementary level math (which I can totally conquer) is comprised of workbook-style curriculum; starting with sixth grade math, they offer video courses through Master Books Academy.

My kids have had good experiences with these courses over the last two years, and three kids are enrolled in courses for this school year.

Check out MBA’s homeschool online courses here.

Grammar/Language Arts

If Language Arts is a subject you need to outsource, check out Master Book Academy’s selection of online LA courses. They offer everything from kindergarten and lower elementary courses to high school-level courses. (My daughter completed the Jensen’s Grammar course for her 9th grade Language Arts credit.)

Check out MBA’s homeschool online courses here.


Looking for an online video course for history? Take a look at the World History course from Master Books Academy. Recommended for grades 10 – 12.

Check out MBA’s homeschool online courses here.


Immerse your 10th – 12th grader in truth and equip them to defend their faith with Apologetics for Thinkers, from Master Books Academy.

Check out MBA’s homeschool online courses here.

New Testament Survey

Trisha Gilkerson, of Journey Homeschool Academy, takes students through all 27 New Testament documents, explores how the canon was formed, discusses divine inspiration and context, and so much more.

Our family has thoroughly enjoy the JHA science courses, and I’m excited to give this one a try too.

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Check out the New Testament Survey course now.


If you’re a classical educator, chances are Latin is one of the subjects on your roster. In the three years our family was involved in a Classical Conversations community, we found a lot of help from the Latin With Andy online videos.

(I would go so far as to say that Andy makes Latin almost enjoyable- and that’s saying something.)

Check out Latin With Andy now.

Earth Science Explore :: Homeschool Online Courses for Science
Our oldest son is enrolled in this science course :: Earth Science Explored

If you’re like me and have an Achilles’ heel when it comes to homeschooling, I hope you’ll check out Journey Homeschool Academy courses + Master Books Academy.  Outsourcing subjects like math, science, and Latin is the best homeschooling decision I’ve ever made!

More Homeschool Online Courses, Resources + Helps

Here’s a quick round-up of articles here on the blog:

Your Turn

Do you have favorite homeschool online courses to share? Drop a comment below! I’m always looking for new resources.

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